Journal of Song Yuan Studies

VOLUME 30 (2000)

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1          Bibliographic Notes on Sung Historical Works: The Original Record of the Way and Its Destiny (Tao-ming lu) by Li Hsin-

                        Charles Hartman


63        Buddhist Nuns in Sung China (960-1279)

Ding-hwa Hsieh


97        Painting and Friendship, Political and Private Life: The Case of Li Gonglin

An-yi Pan


115      Dahui Zonggao and Zhang Shangying: The Importance of a Scholar in the Education of a Song Chan Master

            Miriam Levering


135      Clearing the Apertures and Getting in Tune: The Hainan Exile of Su Shi (1037-1101)

James M. Hargett




135      Song Gaozong's Letter to Yue Fe
Peter Lorge




175      Western Scholarship on Song Painting: The Twentieth Century, A Draft Bibliography, Classified

Susan E. Nelson


Book Reviews


199      Life along the Silk Road, by Susan Whitfield

(Angela Y. Sheng)


            News and Notes


207      Dissertation Abstracts, New Publications, Announcements