Journal of Song Yuan Studies

VOLUME 35 (2005)

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Communication, Collaboration, and Community Inn-Wall Writing During the Song (960-1279)
Cong Zhang


We are One Family: The Vision of Guanxue in the Northern Song
Ong Chang Woei


Publishing Strategies in the Early Fourteenth Century: Yuan Jue’s Preface to Wang Yinglin's Kunxue jiwen
Christian Soffel




The “Ancestors’ Family Instructions”:  Authority and Sovereignty in Medieval China
Christian Lamouroux and Deng Xiaonan


A Study of the Changes in the “Tang-Song Transition Model ”
Luo Yinan




 Survey of the Historical Sources for the Five Dynasties and Ten States in Song Times
Johannes L. Kurz,


Bibliography of Song History Studies in Japan (2004)
Hirata Shigeki, ed.


Part I:  Update on Song Studies in Japan


A.  Japanese studies on Taoism and Chinese popular religion in the Song period, 1980 to the present
Matsumoto Koichi

B.  New developments in the study of Chinese fiction -- Theoretical issues and a discussion of the application of the colloquial story (xiaoshuo 小說) to the study of social history
Katsuyama Minoru


Part II:  Bibliography of Song History Studies in Japan (2004)
Compiled by Anazawa Shoko


Bibliography of Song Studies in Korea, 2000 -- 2003
Jung-Im Yuk, editor




The Song-Yuan-Ming Transition in Chinese History, edited by Paul Jakov Smith and Richard von Glahn,
Christian Lamouroux


The Teachings and Practices of the Early Quanzhen Taoist Masters, by Stephen Eskildsen
Vincent Goossaert


Women, Property, and Confucian Reaction in Sung and Yüan China (960-1368), by Bettine Birge
Janet Theiss


Dōgaku no keisei, by Tsuchida Kenjirō
Byounghee Min






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