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The Beijing Qingming Scroll and Its Significance for the Study of Chinese History


Valerie Hansen

The Journal of Sung-Yuan Studies is pleased to offer a new supplementary publication: a series of black-and-white reproductions from the original Qingming shanghe tu 清 明 上 河 圖  scroll housed in the Palace Museum, Beijing. This is not the often-reproduced Ming-dynasty version in Taiwan. Because the scroll shows the architecture, clothing, shops, boats, and vehicles in a twelfth-century city, it gives a vivid sense of daily life. Details of the scroll are here reproduced in a booklet containing twenty-six separate photographs, which offer far greater clarity than any of the reproductions now for sale. The booklet also includes an introduction summarizing what is known of the painter Zhang Zeduan, as well as brief history of the scroll and a list of recommended readings. Each of the twenty-six frames has a detailed caption explaining its contents. This reproduction is ideal for Chinese history, culture, and civilization classes. The price of the booklet is $12.00 postpaid. Prepaid orders can be sent to Journal of Sung-Yuan Studies, Dept. of East Asian Studies, The University at Albany, Humanities 210, Albany, NY, 12222, USA.


RESEARCH TOOLS FOR THE STUDY OF SUNG HISTORY, Second Edition, with over fifty new entries, 105 pages, compiled by Peter K. Bol. $20.00.

Prices include postage and handling. For airmail delivery, please add $3.00 per title for domestic orders (U.S. and Canada), and $8.00 for overseas orders. Orders should be sent directly to Journal of Sung-Yuan Studies, Dept. of East Asian Studies, Humanities 210, Albany, NY, 12222, USA.