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Prof. Xu Yongming 徐永明 (Zhejiang University)

Index to the Complete Song Prose







Please note that in addition to the text-file version of the index, this site also contains an Excel spreadsheet version with two worksheets:

(1) the list of authors and, minimally, volume numbers provided by Prof. Xu
(2) the list of alternative names also provided by Prof. Xu.  When possible, an author ID is provided for the name paired with the alternative name.  If there is more than one person with that name, the worksheet lists that fact (although this is not entirely accurate because of processing anomalies I do not yet understand).  In some cases, the name paired with the alternative name is not in the first worksheet of authors.  The reason for this awaits clarification.

If you do not yet have Unicode Chinese fonts with CJK-Extension A and CJK-Extension-B characters, please download the shareware file UniFonts.zip.