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Subscribing to the Song Yuan Listserv


The Song Yuan listserv is a newly reworked way for scholars of the Song, Yuan, and conquest dynasties to communicate with others in the field.  The listserv has some "advanced" features provided by the Gnu mailman program (actually, they have been around for quite a while:  we simply have never used them).  In order to use these features, however, the subscription process is a bit more complicated than former practice.

In particular, you will be able to go to a website that controls features of your subscription to the listserv and that preserves an archive of old messages.  In order to access your account, however, you will need a password, which you can choose, or which the system will assign to you.

Also, because of the issues of spam, when you submit a request to subscribe, it will be sent to the administrator (Michael Fuller).  If your address is from an academic institution, he will add your name to the subscription list.  If it is not, he simply will send you a note via e-mail to politely ask who you are.  Once he is reassured that you are not a spammer, he will then add you to the list.  We apologize for this process, but it seems prudent and not too cumbersome.

In order to subscribe, please go to:  http://mail.songyuan.org/mailman/listinfo/listserv_mail.songyuan.org

To send a note to the listserv after you have received confirmation of your subscription, send the note to listserv "at" songyuan.org. (with the "at" replaced by @)

If you have any questions, please contact Michael Fuller.