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Archived News and Events

Report on a Conference:  Modern Chinese Religion: Value Systems in Transformation, Part 1. Song, Liao, Jin, Yuan

International Interdisciplinary Conference on Middle Period China, 800-1400, Harvard University

宋都开封与十至十三世纪中 国史” 国际学术研讨会

A New Journal: International Song Research (國際宋研究)

A Newly Discovered Inscription by Qin Gui

“When shall West Lake be without song or dance?”  A Conference about Southern Song Culture (Univ. of Michigan, Oct. 7-9, 2011)

「文 藝紹興 -南宋藝術與文化」學術研討會議程 Dynastic Renaissance:  Art and Culture of the Southern Song

Ideas, Networks, Places: Rethinking Chinese History of the Middle Period (Harvard University, July 7-8, 2009)

Tribute to Yanagida Setsuko

Song Studies Conference in China