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II.D.4. Biographical information

For scholarship on Sung rulers, see:
LoC: Z3106 .K664 1979
Chūgoku rekidai kōtei bunken mokuroku
(Bibliography on Chinese emperors through history).
Kokusho kankōkai 國書刊行會 comp.
Tokyo: Kokusho kankōkai, 1979, pp. 84-90.

For studies of Ou-yang Hsiu in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Western languages from 1890 through 1990, see:
9802/82 "Ou-yang Hsiu yen-chiu lun-chu ch'u-pien"
(Preliminary bibliography of studies of Ou-yang Hsiu).
Hsieh P'ei-fen 謝佩芬 comp.
Chung-yang t'u-shu-kuan kuan-k'an 中國圖書館館刊 24.2 (1991): 211-242.

Arranged by language. Chinese articles are classified: classical exegesis, historiography, thought, literature, biography, and other topics, with further subheadings. There are a total of 466 Chinese articles and 64 books, 78 Japanese entries, 6 Korean entries, and 10 Western-language entries.
For modern scholarship on Wang An-shih in Chinese, Japanese, and Western languages, see:
5343.5/1119 Wang An-shih shu-mu yü so-t'an
(Bibliography on Wang An-shih and some minor studies).
Wang Chin-kuang 王晉光
Hong Kong: Hua-feng shu-chü,1983, pp. 15-68.

Arranged by language and author, with separate sections for books.

  Taiwan de Lü Zuqian yanjiu--yi bo- shuoshi lunwen wei zhongxin
(Research on Lü Zuqian--with a focus on Master's and Ph.D. Theses)
Qian Maowei 钱茂伟

This site also includes other recent work on Lü Zuqian. It does not, however, include a comprehensive bibliography.

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