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III.B.1.e. Historical Writings

For a study of works listed in the division of history in the "Treatise on Bibliography" in the Sung History lost or existing only in fragmentary form, see:
LoC: Z3101.T6 L58 (Orien China)
Sung shih i-wen-chih shih-pu i-chi k'ao
(A study of lost texts in the historical section of the Treatise on bibliography in the Sung history).
Liu Chao-yu 劉兆祐
Taipei: Kuo-li pien-i kuan Chung-hua ts'ung-shu pien-shen wei-yuan-hui, 1984. 3 Volumes.

Originally published in parts in various journals, this cites references to the text in earlier bibliographies and gives a brief biography of the author. A chart gives the status of all historical works in the treatise. There is an author/title index by stroke-count.
Liu Chao-yu has also written a series of articles on Sung-period chronological histories.
9802/82 "Sung-tai pien-nien-lei shih-chi k'ao ch'u-pien"
(Preliminary study of Sung-period chronological histories, part I).
Chung-yang t'u-shu-kuan kuan-k'an 中央圖書館館刊 24.1 (1991): 113-139.
9802/82 "Hsu-k'ao Sung-tai pien-nien-lei shih-chi erh-shih-i chung"
(Study of 21 Sung-period chronological histories, part II).
Chung-yang t'u-shu-kuan kuan-k'an 中央圖書館館刊 25.1 (1992):73-98.
9802/82 "Sung-shih i-wen-chih wei-shou Sung-tai pien-nien-lei shih-chi shih-chiu chung k'ao-lu"
(Study of 19 chronological histories not included in the Treatise on bibliography).
Chung-yang t'u-shu-kuan kuan-k'an 中央圖書館館刊 26.2 (1993):181-195.


Historical works correcting and supplementing The Song Dynastic History are gathered in the following collection:

(C) DS735.E673 Song Liao Jin Yuan zhengshi dingbu wenxian huibian
(A Collection of Texts Correcting and Supplementing the Song, Liao, Jin and Yuan Dynastic Histories)
Xu Shu 徐蜀, ed.
Beijing: Beijing tushuguan chubanshe, 2004. 3 vols.

This title is part of the series Correcting and Supplementing the Twenty-Five Dynastic Histories (Ershiwu shi dingbu 二十五史訂補), which includes about 160 titles in total. The first volume includes two additions to The Song Dynastic History and is thus of limited use. The series is intended to be used in addition to Supplementing the Twenty-Five Dynastic Histories (Ershiwushi bubian 二十五史補編) published by Kaiming shudian (Shanghai) in 1935 and reprinted by Zhonghua shuju (Beijing) in 1956 and 1986. It only includes titles published before 1949 and does not include those already covered in the aforementioned collection.

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