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IV.A.3. Topical Encyclopedias and Dictionaries: All Periods of Chinese History

IV.A.3.a. Series

Each volume of theGreat Encyclopedia of Chinatreats a particular discipline, for example,
LoC: AE17 .C48 China
Chung-kuo ta pai-k'o ch'üan-shu
(Great encyclopedia of China).
Volume 17: "Chung-kuo wen-hsueh"
(Chinese literature).
Peking and Shanghai: Chung-kuo ta pai-k'o ch'üan-shu ch'u-pan she, 1986. 2 volumes,

covers major literary works, literary figures, and terms. Entries are in alphabetical order according to p'in-yin romanization. There is a stroke-count index and an alphabetically arranged subject index.
For history, see:
9302/5641 (45)
LoC: AE17 .C48 China
Chung-kuo ta-pai-k'o ch'üan-shu:
(Great encyclopedia of China).
Volume 45: "Chung-kuo li-shih"
(Chinese history).
Peking and Shanghai: Chung-kuo ta-pai-k'o ch'üan-shu ch'u-pan-she, 1992.

The front index is by category and then period. Individual items are arranged by p'in-yin romanization. A chronological table, a stroke-count index, and a topical index are appended. For the Sung period, check the category index, and then search for items listed under "Liao, Sung, Hsi Hsia, Chin".
Other volumes of theGreat Encyclopedia of China covering Sung-period topics include:
LoC: AE17 .C48 China  
R9302/5641(2) "Hsi-ch'ü, ch'ü-i 戲曲曲藝 (Drama), 1983.
R9302/5641(4) "Fa hsueh" 法學 (Legal studies), 1984.
R9302/5641(6) "Chiao-yü" 教育 (Education), 1985.
R9302/5641(7) "T'ien-wen hsueh" 天文學 (Astronomy), 1986.
R9302/5641(10) "Fang-chih" 紡織 (Textiles), 1984.
R9302/5641(12) "K'ao-ku hsueh" 考古學 (Archaeology), 1986.
R9302/5641(13) "Min-tsu" 民族 (Nationalities), 1986.
R9302/5641(45) "Li-shih" 歷史 (History), 1992.

In addition to the volumes noted above the following topical volumes of the Great Dictionary of Chinese History contain Sung-period material.
R2457/2325(12) Min-tsu shih 民族史 (History of nationalities).
  Li-shih ti-li 歷史地理 (Historical geography).
  Ssu-hsiang shih 思想史 (Intellectual history).38 and 475p.
  Shih-hsueh shih 史學史 (Historiography). 55 and 511 p.
  K'o-chi shih 科技史 (Science and technology).

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