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IV.A.3.c. Other Encyclopedias

For philosophy, see:
Ref (C) B5232.C46 1985 Che-hsueh ta-tz'u-tien: Chung-kuo che-hsueh-shih chüan
(Great dictionary of philosophy: history of Chinese philosophy volume).
Yen Pei-ming 嚴北溟 et al. comp.
Shanghai: Shang-hai tz'u-shu, 1985. 821 p.

3475 entries on figures, writings, terms, philosophical schools, etc. There is an alphabetical index and a subject index to the entry headings. A classified bibliography of major books in Chinese since 1949 is included.

For brief explanations of Chinese Neo-Confucian thinkers, works and terminology consult:
(C) B127.N4 C55 1995 Zhongguo lixue da cidian
(Great dictionary of Neo-Confucianism in China).
Dong Yuzheng 董玉整, ed.
[Guangdong] : Ji nan da xue chu ban she, 1995. 692 p.


B126 .E496 2003 Encyclopedia of Chinese philosophy
A. S. Cua. ed.
New York: Routledge, 2003. xx, 1020 p.

For Ch'an Buddhism, see:
Ref (J) BQ9259.Z45
LoC: BQ9259 .Z45
Zengaku daijiten
(Great dictionary of Ch'an Buddhism).
Komazawa daigaku nai Zengaku daijiten hensanjo
Tokyo: Daishūkan shoten, 1978. 3 vols.

New ed.: Shinpan Zengaku daijiten
Zengaku daijiten hensanjo 禪學大辭典編纂所
Tokyo: Daishūkan shoten, 1985.

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