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IX.A.1. General Language

The following is the most comprehensive dictionary to date of Sung literary usages and colloquialisms as found in literary works, records of speech, and other texts. Arranged by stroke count.

Ref (C) PL1497.L786 1985x

Sung Yuan yü-yen tz'u-tien
(Dictionary of Sung and Yuan language).
Lung Ch'ien-an 龍潛庵 comp.
Shanghai: Shang-hai tz'u-shu ch'u-pan-she, 1985. 1023 p.

(C) PL1079 .S85 1997
Song yuyan cidian
(A Dictionary of Song Dynasty Language)
Yuan Bin 袁宾
Shanghai: Shanghai jiaoyu chubanshe, 1997. 2, 56, 376 p.
Contains 4100+ entries arranged by pinyin. There is an index by stroke order at the end, as well as a bibliography listing all the sources quoted in the dictionary. This dictionary is more inclusive than Sung Yuan yü-yen tz'u-tien. It covers, for example, yulu, historical sources, biji, Buddhist sources. More controversially, it also cites from later sources quoting Song usage. The Song volume is part of a series of three, with two other volumes on Tang-Wudai language by Jiang Jiansheng and Yuan language by Li Chongxing.

We note here the completion of the most extensive and authoritative dictionary of written Chinese:
Ref (C) PL1420.H3494 1986
Han-yü ta-tz'u-tien
(Great dictionary of the Chinese language).
Hong Kong: San-lien shu-chü, 1986-1994. 12 & 1 vols.

For vernacular terms after the late T'ang, see:
LoC: PL1420 .C516 1992 China
Chin-tai Han-yü tz'u-tien

(Dictionary of early-modern and modern Chinese language).
Kao Wen-ta 高文達 general comp.
Peking: Hsin-hua shu-tien, 1992. 1034 p.

Includes definitions, examples of usages, variations, and related items.
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