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VIII. Resources on the Government

VIII.A. The Structure of Government

Note the existence of the following charts depicting the structure of the central government prior to and upon the Yuan-feng period restructuring of the central bureaucracy.
"Chart I: The Sung Central Government until about 1080."
"Chart II: The Sung Central Government after about 1080."
E. A. Kracke, Jr.
Manuel de l’histoire des Song circular, 1957.

For further details, see Yves Hervouet, A Sung Bibliography, xiii.

For an overview of the structure of Sung government, see:

(W) Ref JQ1512.Z13 T574 1985
LoC: JQ1512.Z13 T574 1985
A Dictionary of Official Titles in Imperial China.
Charles O. Hucker.
Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1985. Pp. 40-52.

Note also the discussion of the structure of civil government in:
(W) JQ1512.K7
LoC: JQ1512 .K7
Civil Service in Early Sung China, 960-1067
E. A. Kracke, Jr.
Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1953, pp. 28-53,

and in Miyazaki Ichisada's 宮崎市定 57-page introduction to
2665 7171.2
Sōshi shokkanshi sakuin
(Index to the Treatise on the bureaucracy in the Sung history).
Saeki Tomi 佐伯富 comp.
Kyoto: Kyōto daigaku bungakubu Tōyōshi kenkyūkai, 1963.
McMullen #66.

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