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VIII.C. Incumbents in Certain Offices

The political chronologies for Northern and Southern Sung cited above record appointments to high central and provincial offices. Here lists of incumbents in particular offices are noted.

Central Government

For a systematic and comprehensive chronological list of incumbents in the major court and capital offices, see:

(C) JQ1512 .L525 2003x
Songdai jingchao guan tong kao
(Comprehensive Survey of Song Dynasty Capital and Court Officials).
Li Zhiliang 李之亮.
Chengdu : Ba Shu shu she, 2003.
5 vols.

This list covers councilors and vice-councilors, the Bureau of Military Affairs, the State Finance Commission, the Hanlin Academy, the Eastern Palace, the Herds Office, the Remonstrance Bureau, the Secretariat, the Chancellery, the Department of State Affairs (with the Six Boards), the Censorate, the Imperial Library, the Palace Administration, and the various Courts and Directorates (si jian) (such as the Directorate of Education).
The Appendix includes a name index organized by pinyin transliteration with finding aids by the four-corner system and by stroke number. There is also a table of variant names of all positions listed.

For membership on the Council of State for the entire Sung dynasty, including documents of appointment and some biographical and anecdotal information, see the punctuated, critical edition of Hsu Tzu-ming's 徐自明 Sung tsai-fu pien-nien lu宋宰輔編年錄 and Lü Pang-yao's 呂邦耀 Hsu Sung tsai-fu pien-nien lu 續宋宰輔編年錄 It includes a name index.

LoC: DS751.H743 W36 1986 China
Sung tsai-fu pien-nien lu chiao-pu
(Chronology of Sung chief and assisting councilors, revised).
Wang Jui-lai 王瑞來
Peking: Chung-hua shu-chü, 1986. 72, 4, 1, 2, 1848, 28 p.

The membership for the years 1041 through 1125 is also given in chart form in:
Ō Anseki jiten
(Encyclopedia of Wang An-shih).
Higashi Ichio 東一夫.
Tokyo: Kokusho kankōkai, 1980, pp. 211-220.

The Sung History includes a table of appointments to the Council of State.

For extensive corrections to previous lists, see

Song zaixiang biao xin bian
(Tables of Song Councilors--Newly Compiled).
Liang, Tianxi 梁天錫.
Taibei: Guoli bianyiguan, 1996.

This title replaces the same author's Song shi zaifu biao 宋史宰輔表.

Regional and Local Government

Route level officers are listed in:

(C) JS7351.A3 L529 2003
Songdai lu fen zhangguan tong kao
(Comprehensive Survey of Top-Ranking Route Officials during the Song Period).
Li Zhiliang 李之亮.
Chengdu : Ba Shu shu she, 2003.
3 vols.

This is a chronological overview of incumbents in senior positions in route level offices. The chronological list of incumbents is organized by office and then by route name. It covers the Song period only, not Jin or Yuan.

Prefects are listed chronologically by prefecture in the series:

(C) DS751.3 .L53 2001x
Songdai junshou tongkao
(Comprehensive Survey of Prefects during the Song Period).
Li Zhiliang 李之亮.
Chengdu : Ba Shu shu she, 2001.
10 vols.

The editor, Li Zhiliang, compiled the chronologies for each Song prefecture on the basis of local gazetteers, The Song Dynastic History, Song Collected Statutes, private histories, administrative encyclopedias, collections of individual writers, and inscriptions. The chronologies are covered in nine volumes, based on the route to which the prefecture belonged. Prefectures lost to the Jin Empire are only covered up to the year of their annexation by Jin forces.

It includes the following titles:

Song liang Jiang junshou yiti kao
(Survey of Prefects in Jiangnan East and Jiangnan West during the Song Period)

Song liang Guang da jun shouchen yiti kao

(Survey of Prefects in Guangnan East and Guangnan West during the Song Period)

Song liang Hu da jun shouchen yiti kao
(Survey of Prefects in Jinghu East and Jinghu West during the Song Period)

Song Hebei Hedong da jun shouchen yiti kao
(Survey of Prefects in Hebei and Hedong during the Song Period)

Song Chuan Shan da jun shouchen yiti kao
(Survey of Prefects in the Sichuan Shaanxi Region during the Song Period)

Song liang Huai da jun shouchen yiti kao
(Survey of Prefects in Huainan East and Huainan West during the Song Period)

Bei Song jingshi ji dong xi lu da jun shouchen kao
(Survey of Prefects in the Capital and Jingdong East and Jingdong West during the Northern Song Period)

Song liang Zhe lu junshou nianbiao
(Chronology of Prefectureships in Zhedong and Zhexi during the Song Period)

Song Fujian lu junshou nianbiao
(Chronology of Prefectureships in Fujian during the Song Period)

This series includes a name index:

(C) DS751.3 .L53 2001x vol.10
Songdai junshou tongkao renming suoyin
(Name Index to Comprehensive Survey of Prefects during the Song Period).
Li Zhiliang 李之亮.
Chengdu : Ba Shu shu she, 2001.

Military Offices

For incumbents in military intendancies (the Northern Sung ching-lueh an-fu shih 經略安撫使 and Southern Sung chih-chih shih 置制使 or chih-fu shih) chronologically by place, see:

LoC: JS7354 .A4 1984 China
Pei-Sung ching-fu nien-piao
(Chronological tables of Northern Sung military intendants).
Nan-Sung chih-fu nien-piao
(Chronological tables of Southern Sung military intendants).
Wu T'ing-hsieh 吳廷變
Punctuated and emended by Chang Ch'en-shih 張忱石
Peking: Chung-hua shu-chü, 1984. 594 p.

This work is commonly available in the Erh-shih-wu shih

pu-pien 二十五史補編 (Shanghai: K'ai-ming shu-tien, 1937, and later

reprints). Only the edition listed above includes a name index.

For the Five Dynasties period, see:

LoC: DS749.62 .K87 1988 Japan
Godai Sōsho hanchin nenpyō
(Chronology of military commands in the Five Dynasties and early Sung).
Kurihara Masuo 栗原益男
Tokyo: Tōkyōtō shuppan. 1988. 713 p.

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