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Library of Congress Subject Headings Related to Song History

This list facilitates searching by subject in library catalogs using the Library of Congress subject headings.

Note that subject headings are modified and added on a continuous basis. The list is revised periodically according to the updates relevant to East Asian studies selected and posted by Hideyuki Morimoto on the eastlib listserv.

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This list can be downloaded as an excel file, listing broader, narrower, and variant terms.

Aesthetics, Chinese--960-1644
Architecture--China--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Art, Chinese—Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Art objects, Chinese--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Bei Song huang ling (China)
Bronze mirrors--China--History--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Bronzes, Chinese--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Calligraphy, Chinese--History--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Carving (Decorative arts)--China--History--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Ceramic pillows--China--History--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
China--History, Military--960-1644
China--History--Song dynasty, 960-1279
China--History--Song dynasty, 960-1279--Anecdotes
China--History--Song dynasty, 960-1279--Humor
China--Intellectual life--960-1644
China--Politics and government--960-1279
China--Politics and government--960-1644
China--Social conditions--960-1644
China--Social life and customs--960-1644
Chinese drama--960-1644
Chinese drama--Song dynasty, 960-1279
Chinese essays--Song dynasty, 960-1279
Chinese fiction--960-1644
Chinese fiction--Song dynasty, 960-1279
Chinese literature--960-1644
Chinese literature--Song dynasty, 960-1279
Chinese poetry--960-1644
Chinese poetry--Song dynasty, 960-1279
Chinese prose literature--Song dynasty, 960-1279
Decorative arts--China--History--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Diaoyu Cheng, Battle of, Diaoyu Cheng, 1259
Embroidery--China--History--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Goldwork--China--History--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Huzhou school of painting
Huang Quan school of painting
Illustration of books--China--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Ink painting, Chinese--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Intaglios--China--History--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Jade art objects--China--History--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Lacquer and lacquering--China--History--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Landscape painting, Chinese--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Mural painting and decoration, Chinese--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Northern school of landscape painting
Northern song-tales (Chinese drama)
Northern Song Tombs (China)
Painting, Chinese--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Philosophy, Chinese--960-1644
Porcelain, Chinese--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Pottery, Chinese--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Qingbai ware
Relief (Decorative arts)--China--History--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Ru ware
Scrolls, Chinese--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Sculpture, Chinese--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Silverwork--China--History--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Southern school of landscape painting
Southern song-tales (Chinese drama)
Stone carving--China--History--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Stoneware--China--History--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Textile design--China--History--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Watercolor painting, Chinese--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Wood-carving--China--History--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Wood-engraving, Chinese--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Wood sculpture, Chinese--Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368
Yunjian school of calligraphy
Xu Xi school of painting