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I.B.4. Scholarship in the West

On new developments in the American study of Sung history between 1983 and 1993, see:

LoC: DS735 .H737 China
"Mei-kuo Sung-tai yen-chiu chin-k'uang"
Peter K. Bol 包弼德
Hsin shih-hsueh 新史學 6.3 (1995): 185-205.

For a review of trends in American scholarship between 1990 and 2006, see:

  Recent Trends in American Research in Song Dynasty History: Local Religion and Political Culture
Hilde De Weerdt
Ōsaka shiritsu daigaku tōyōshi ronsō 大阪市立大学東洋史論叢, forthcoming, 2006.

On scholarship in the USSR, see:

DS 734.97.S65 S68
LoC: DS734.97.S65 S68 1984
"The Sung, Chin, and Hsi-hsia."
Ruth Dunnell.
In Soviet Studies of Pre‑Modern China,
Gilbert Rozman ed.
Ann Arbor: Center for Chinese Studies, University of Michigan, 1984, pp. 69-79.

Reviews and updates on scholarship on Song cultural history in the former Soviet Union, Europe and the US appear in the annual periodical:

C2665 6247 Songdai wenhua yanjiu
(Research on Song Culture).
Sichuan daxue Songdai wenhua yanjiu ziliao zhongxin 四川大学宋代文化硏究 資料中心, ed.
Chengdu: Sichuan da xue chu ban she, 1990-

See, for example, vols. 2, 3 and 4. The articles on scholarship in Europe and the US are translations of articles appearing in Sung Studies Newsletter/Bulletin of Sung-Yuan Studies/Journal of Song-Yuan Studies. (see above)

For a brief overview of American scholarship from the perspective of an influential Chinese Song scholar, see

LoC: DS735 .H737 China
"Jin ershi nian lai de Meiguo Song shi yanjiu"
(Research on Song History in the US during the Last Twenty Years)
Bao Weimin 包伟民
Song shi yanjiu tongxun 36 (2000): 17-19.

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