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Monographs and Articles

For Chinese-language studies for the period 1900 to 1975, see:

DS751.C46 1979x Bibliographie et index des travaux en Chinois sur les Song, 1900-1975.
Chan Hing-ho (Ch'en Ch'ing-hao) ( 陳慶浩 )
Paris: Collège de France, Institut des Hautes Études Chinoises, 1979. 271 p.

This includes a key-word index based on article and book titles and a separate author index. Although its contents may be replicated by the bibliographies listed below, the depth of its classification scheme and its inclusion of Chinese-language secondary sources irrespective of origin give it particular value.

For a bibliographical list of the scholarship published in Taiwan and Hong Kong between 1966 and 1981, see:

C2665 6247 "1966-1981 nian Tai Gang Songdai wenhua yanjiu lunzhu mulu"
1966-1981 年台港宋代文化研究论著目录
(Bibliography of Studies on Song Culture
Published in Taiwan and Hong Kong, 1966-1981)
Guo Shengbo 郭声波 and Wang Ronggui 王蓉贵
Songdai wenhua yanjiu 宋代文化硏究 (Research on Song Culture)
Sichuan daxue Songdai wenhua yanjiu ziliao zhongxin 四川大学宋代文化硏究 資料中心, ed.
Chengdu: Sichuan da xue chu ban she.
Vol. 3, pp. 470-547.

For the period 1905-1981 see the following classified, unannotated bibliography, with an author index, covering both Taiwan and the mainland:

DS751.S86 1983x
LoC: Z3108.A3 S8 1983 China
Sung shih yen-chiu lun-wen yü shu-chi mu-lu
(A classified list of Chinese articles and books on Sung history).
Sung Shee (Hsi) 宋晞
Taipei: Chinese Culture University, 1982. 391 p.

This first appeared in parts in Chinese Culture, beginning in 1966.

The same author published a sequel, covering 1982-2000:

Ref (C) DS751 .S86 1983x vol.2 Song shi yanjiu lunwen yu shuji mulu xu bian
(A bibliography of Chinese articles and books on [the] Sung history (Second series))
Sung Shee (Hsi) 宋晞
Taibei: Zhongguo wenhua daxue chubanbu, 2003. iv, 17, 547 p.

It includes Chinese articles (periodicals, conference papers and newpapers) and monographs. The bibliography is divided into two main sections, one for articles and one for monographs. These sections are organized by subject and then author name (stroke order). There is an author index in the back.

This bibliography is based on the following serially published bibliographies:
For the period 1982-1986:

LoC: Z3108.A3 S8 1983 China Sung shih yen-chiu lun-wen yü shu-chi mu-lu (1982-1986)
(Bibliography of of Chinese articles and books on Sung history, 1982-1986).
Sung Shee (Hsi) 宋晞 comp.
This originally appeared in parts in Chinese Culture

After 1986 supplements appearing in:
(W) DS701.C647
LoC: DS701 .C647
Chinese Culture
Taibei: Chinese Cultural Research Institute, 1957- (quarterly)

The following is an unannotated, classified bibliography for PRC studies, 1983-1986, including books and articles and new editions of Sung-period texts. It has separate sections -- with different classifications -- for books and articles
  Sung-shih chu-shu lun-wen tzu-liao chien-mu
(Brief bibliography of monographs and articles on Sung history).
T'ang Chien-kuo 湯建國 comp.
Special issue of Sung-shih t'ung-hsun 宋史通迅 1987.9. 60p.

T'ang has also compiled a classified, selective bibliography of mainland Chinese books and articles on Sung cultural history, 1900-1990:
  "Sung-tai wen-hua-shih chu-shu fen-lei hsuan-mu"
(Classified selected bibliography of books on Sung cultural history).
T'ang Chien-kuo 湯建國
Sung-shih yen-chiu t'ung-hsun 宋史研究通迅 19 (1990): 38-47.

"Sung-tai wen-hua-shih lun-wen tzu-liao hsuan-mu"
(Selected bibliography of articles on Sung cultural history).
T'ang Chien-kuo 湯建國
Sung-shih yen-chiu t'ung-hsun 宋史研究通迅 18 (1990): 1-88. 88p.
  Songdai wenhua yanjiushi
( Research Room for Song Culture)
Xie Peifen 謝佩芬
Contains bibliographical databases of twentieth-century research on Song literature and culture. Under construction.
  Songdai yanjiu zhuzuo mulu
(A Bibliography of Scholarship on the Song Period)
Liu Kuntai 劉坤太

Includes over 3200 book titles. Arranged by title and pronunciation.

For annual listings of new titles, see the sections on Song history in

C2665 6247 "Song Liao Xia Jin wenhua yanjiu lunzhu mulu"
(Bibliography of Research on Song, Liao, Xia and Jin Culture)
Songdai wenhua yanjiu, 1990-
12 (2003): 398-486
11 (2002): 420-499
10 (2001): 389-455
9 (2000): 440-499
8 (1999): 312-363
7 (1998): 272-327
6 (1996): 333-390

This journal also publishes general review articles, see I.B.1.

2665/5635 "Song shi yanjiu lunwen (ziliao) suoyin" [also "Song shi yanjiu lunzhu (ziliao) suoyin"]
宋史研究论文(资料)索引 [also 宋史研究论著(资料)索引]
(Index to Research Material on Song History)
Song shi yanjiu tongxun
, 1985-
43-44 (2004.1-2): 50-61, 57-82
41-42 (2003.1-2): 62-75, 59-75
39 (2002.1): 63-82
37 (2001.1): 43-57
35 (2000.1): 39-54 (and 37 (2001.1) 57-59)
33 (1999.1): 42-51
32 (1998.2): 47-60
30 (1997.2): 47-59
28 (1996.2): 39-56

Only the bibliographical articles published in the last ten years are listed here. Through 1996 only article titles were included. They are listed by the journal in which they appeared. After 1996 both monographs and articles are listed. Monographs are listed by the name of the publisher. For a list of monographs published between 1990 and 1996, see
2665/5635 "(1990-1996nian) Song shi yanjiu zhuzuo lunwenji suoyin"
(Bibliography of monographs and edited volumes in Song historical research)
Zhao Xiying 赵喜英, Hua Lun 华伦
Song shi yanjiu tongxun

29 (1997.1): 51-55.

Bibliographies of books and articles published in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the PRC appear regularly in Sung Studies Newsletter/Bulletin of Sung-Yuan Studies/Journal of Sung Yuan Studies. For the updating of bibliography for scholarship in Taiwan and Hong Kong, see also Han-hsueh yen-chiu t'ung-hsun.

  Ershi shiji Song shi yanjiu lunzhu mulu
(Bibliography of Twentieth-Century Scholarly Research on Song History)
Fang Jianxin 方建新, ed.
Beijing: Beijing tushuguan 北京图书馆出版社, 2006

This bibliography includes over 41,000 articles and books in Chinese published in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan in the twentieth century up to and including 2000.
It is divided into two main parts, separating publications published between October 1949 and 2000 in Taiwan and Hong Kong from those published in mainland China (including those published in Taiwan and Hong Kong before October 1949). Each part is further subdivided by format into articles (appearing in both journals and edited volumes) and monographs (including twentieth-century editions of Song titles). The entries are grouped by topic and are entered chronologically under each (sub-)topic.
There is an author index arranged by pinyin transliteration.
This bibliography is an updated edition of earlier bibliographies by Fang Jianxin and the Hangzhou daxue guji yanjiusuo Song shi yanjiusuo 杭州大學古籍研究所、宋史研究所 which were published privately and did not enjoy wide circulation (Song shi yanjiu lunzhu mulu 宋史研究论著目录, 1982 and Song Liao Xiao Jin shi yanjiu lunzhu suoyin 宋辽夏金史研究论著索引, 1985). This revised edition includes many more titles (the 1982 edition included 2800 entries; the 1986 edition 13,000), and was cross-checked against Song Xi’s bibliographies covering research between 1905 and 2000.
Subdivision is uneven with some categories very broad and general like “law.”


Taiwan Song shi yanjiu wang--suoshi lunwen
(Song History Research Net in Taiwan--Master's Theses)
Indexes M.A. theses submitted or under submission at Taiwanese universities. Organized by institution and adviser. 1962-

Taiwan Song shi yanjiu wang--boshi lunwen 臺灣宋史研究網--博士論文
(Song History Research Net in Taiwan--Doctoral Dissertations)
Indexes Ph.D. dissertations submitted or under submission at Taiwanese universities. Organized by institution and adviser. 1962-

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