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II.D.7. Philosophy and Religion

For a specialized classified bibliography on Sung Confucianism or "Sung Learning," see:
(J) B127.N4 S64 1964x
LoC: Z165.C6 H53 (Orien Japan)
Sōgaku kenkyū bunken mokuroku
(Bibliography of studies of Sung learning).
Hirotsune Jinsei 廣常人世
Tokyo: Tōkyō daigaku bungakubu Chūgoku tetsugaku kenkyūshitsu, 1964. 49 p,

and the bibliographies of Chinese and Japanese scholarship in:
LoC: B5234.W35 Y65 (Orien Japan)
"Sō-Mingaku kenkyū bunken mokuroku"
(Bibliography of studies on Sung-Ming Confucianism).
In Yōmeigaku benran
(Handbook of [Wang] Yang-ming Confucianism).
Yōmeigaku taikei 陽明學大系 12.
Tokyo: Meitoku shuppansha, 1974, pp. 289-364.

For studies of Sung-Yuan-Ming Neo-Confucianism, Chu Hsi, and academies through 1989, see
  Chu Hsi chi Sung Yuan Ming li-hsueh yen-chiu tzu-liao
(Research materials on Chu Hsi and Sung-Yuan-Ming Neo-Confucianism)

Wu I-ning 吳以寧 comp.
Pai-lu tung shu-yuan yen-chiu ts'ung-shu chih I
n.p: Kuo-chi wen-hua ch'u-pan kung-ssu, 1990. 453 p.

This is a comprehensive classified bibliography of Chinese-language scholarship. There are sections on Chu Hsi, on Sung-Yuan-Ming Neo-Confucianism, on academies, on over 100 thinkers from the period, and a separate listing of books.

For scholarship on Chu Hsi, including some non-Chinese scholarship, see:

Ref (C) B128.C54 C485 1992x Chu-tzu-hsueh yen-chiu shu-mu 1900-1991
朱子學研究書目 1900-1991
(Bibliography of studies on Chu Hsi from 1900 to 1991).
Lin Ch'ing-chang 林慶彰 ed., Hsu Wei-p'ing 許維萍 and Feng Hsiao-t'ing 馮曉庭 comp.
Taipei: Wen-chin ch'u-pan-she, 1992.

Includes 2251 items, separated into 16 categories. There is a stroke-count author index for Chinese, Korean, and Japanese authors, and an alphabetical author index for Western languages.

This work is superseded by:

  Zhuzi yanjiu shumu xin bian, 1900-2002
(A Newly Compiled Bibliography of Research on Master Zhu, 1900-2002)
Wu Zhanliang 吳展良
Taibei: Guoli Taiwan daxue dongya wenming yanjiu zhongxin, 2005

This bibliography of scholarship on Zhu Xi focuses on Chinese scholarship but also includes non-Chinese scholarship. It includes all types of print publications and is organized by subject. There are no indexes.

(W) Ref B162.Z99 I52 1985x
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(W) Ref BL1802.Z99 Y82 1985x
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Guide to Chinese Religion
David C. Yu.
Boston: G.K. Hall, 1985. 200 p.

On religion, also see:
Ref (W) BL1802.T524 1985x
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Chinese Religion in Western Languages: A Comprehensive and Classified Bibliography of Publications in English, French and German through 1980.
Laurence G. Thompson.
Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 1985. 302 p.

Ref (W) BL1802.T524 1993
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Chinese Religion: Publications in Western Languages, 1980 through 1990.
Laurence G. Thompson comp. Gary Seaman, ed.
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On Taoism:
Ref (W) BL1920.P36 1988
LoC: Z7835.T2 P34 1988
A Select Bibliography on Taoism.
Julian F. Pas.
Stony Brook, NY: IASWR, 1988. 52 p.

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