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II.D.8. Literature

Ref (C) PL2264 .Z4827 1996x vol.5 Liang Song wenxue lunzhu jimu zhengbian/xubian
(Bibliography of Articles on Song Dynasty Literature--Main Series/Continued)
Liu Dehan 劉德漢
Taibei: Wunan tushu chuban gongsi, 1996-1997. 2 vols.

Covers scholarship in Chinese and other languages on Song literature published between 1912 and 1990. The first volume covers 1912-1982; the second 1983-1990. Includes journal and newspaper articles and monographs (including dissertations and theses). This bibliography is arranged by broad genres (shi, ci, sanwen, xiaoshuo, xiqu) and by individual authors (224 authors). The material is then arranged by language (Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Western). Within each language group the materials are arranged chronologically. There is an author index in the back.

  "Ershi shiji Songdai wenxue yanjiu lunzhu mulu"
(Bibliography of Twentieth-Century Scholarship on Song Dynasty Literature)
Xie Peifen 謝佩芬

Still under construction.

There is also an annual bibliography of Japanese scholarship on Sung-period literature:

LoC: PL2250 .C5612 Japan
"Saikin kokunai bunken mokuroku (Sōdai bungaku)"
最近國內文獻目錄 (宋代文學)
(Bibliography of recent Japanese writings: Sung-period literature).
Chūgoku bungaku hō 中國文學報

Bibliographies of articles and monographs on Song literature are periodically published in

(C) | PL2293 .S653x
Songdai wenxue yanjiu nianjian
(Periodical Review of Research on Song Dynasty Literature)
Wuhan : Wuhan chubanshe, 2001-
Published so far: volumes for 1997/99, 2000/01, 2002/03

For both traditional and modern scholarship on the tz'u lyric, see:

(W) Ref PL2311.G56 1975x A Bibliography of Criticism on T'ang and Sung Tz'u Poetry.
Stanley M. Ginsberg
Madison: University of Wisconsin, 1975. 158 p.
(W) Ref PL2307.Z99 L96 1984
LoC: Z3108.L5 L85 1984x
Guide to Chinese Poetry and Drama.
Guide to Chinese Poetry and Drama.
Richard John Lynn.
Boston: G.K. Hall, 1984. 200 p.
Ref (W) PL2415.436 1978x
Classical Chinese Fiction.
Winston L. Y. Yang et al.
Boston: G.K. Hall, 1978. 302p.

See also items under IV.A.3.b.
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