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III. Bibliographies and Abstracts of Sung-Period Sources

The most informative guide to Sung-period texts of all sorts is
Ref DS751.S86 1978x
LoC: Z3102 .S77
A Sung Bibliography/Bibliographie des Sung.
Etienne Balazs and Yves Hervouet ed.
Hong Kong: Chinese University Press, 1978. 598 p.

This selective, classified bibliography includes often detailed discussions of the contents of the works cited. There are separate indexes for book titles, authors, and subjects.
For brief abstracts of some Sung-period texts, see:
B9450/2341 Chien-ming Chung-kuo ku-chi tz'u-tien

(Concise dictionary of old Chinese books).
Tung-pei shih-fan ta-hsueh ku-chi cheng-li yen-chiu-so
東北師範大學古籍整理研究所 comp.
Ch'ang-ch'un: Chi-lin wen-shih ch'u-pan-she, 1987. 1124 p.

This work, including 4900 titles from antiquity to 1911, is said to be the precursor of a projected Chung-kuo ku wen-hsien ta-tz'u-tien 中國古文獻大辭典 with 35,000 titles.
Note that works under I.C. Introductions to the Study of Sung History also introduce selected Sung-period texts.
For a discussion of recent modern critical editions of Sung texts, see:
LoC: DS734.97.T28 H35
"Tien-chi tseng-hui: Chung-kuo ta-lu hsueh-chieh cheng-li Sung-tai tien-chi te hui-ku"
(Review of the scholarly editing of Sung texts on the Chinese mainland).
Huang K'uan-ch'ung 黃寬重
Han-hsueh yen-chiu t'ung-hsun 漢學研究通訊 12:1 (1993): 1-9.

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