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III.B.1. Literati Writing

Comprehensive Compilations

5238.5/6246 for v. 41-51,
(C) PL2619.C6 1988

Ch'üan Sung wen
(Complete Song-dynasty prose).
Ssu-ch'uan ta-hsueh Ku-chi cheng-li yen-chiu so 四川大學古籍整理研究所 comp.
Ch'eng-tu: Pa-Shu shu-she, 1988-.

Quan Song wen
Sichuan daxue guji zhengli yanjiusuo 四川大學古籍整理研究所
Shanghai: Shanghai cishu chubanshe, 2006.

The preceding is a collection of all literary prose arranged by author in chronological order. An author's compositions are grouped into 16 categories (辭賦、詔令、奏議、公牘、書啟、贈序、序跋、論說、雜記、箴銘、頌讚、傳狀、碑誌、哀祭、祈謝、其他).
A complete table of contents, author index, title index and name index is forthcoming. 150 volumes were projected. Publication with Ba Shu shushe was halted after 50 volumes.
A table of contents for the fifty volumes published to date can be downloaded from
Taiwan Song shi yanjiu wang 臺灣宋史研究網 (Song History Research Net in Taiwan) at

In 2003 Shanghai cishu chubanshe took over the publication of the collection of all Song texts. It contains the work of over 9000 authors in 360 volumes.

  Quan Song ci
(Complete Collection of Song Ci)
Tang Guizhang 唐圭璋
Beijing:Zhonghua shuju 中華書局, 1965.

For indexes, see section VI.C.b.

5237.5/1047 Ch'üan Sung shih
(Complete Sung-dynasty Poetry).
Pei-ching ta-hsueh Ku-wen-hsien yen-chiu-so 北京大學古文獻研究所 comp.
Peking: Hsin-hua shu-tien, 1991-

A collection of all Sung poetry, arranged by author in chronological order. Neither Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms rulers nor Liao and Chin authors are included. A complete table of contents, author index, and title index will be appended.


(C) DS751 .Q333 2003x Quan Song biji
Zhu Yian 朱易安, Fu Xuanzong 傅璇琮, eds.
Zhengzhou: Da xiang chubanshe, 2003-

This is an ongoing project managed by Shanghai shifan daxue guji yanjiusuo. About 500 items are planned. This makes this compilation much more complete than previous series such as Shanghai guji chubanshe's Song Yuan biji congshu 宋元筆記叢書, Song Yuan biji xiaoshuo da guan 宋元笔记小说大观 and Zhonghua shuju's Tang Song shiliao biji congkan 唐宋史料笔记丛刊. The latter, for example, includes over 40 items. Similar projects for the Tang and Five Dynasties are being undertaken by Hunan keji daxue (formerly Xiangtan shifan xueyuan).
The selection is based on the following criteria: 1) the title has to contain miscellaneous contents; 2) notes focused on one area (yulu, shihua, pu, guanzhen, mingchen yanxing lu, etc.) are not included; 3) anthologies of Song biji are not included (e.g., Lei yuan, Lei shuo, Songbai lei chao, Song ren yishi huibian). If the text only survives in part, emendations are made based on other texts (with references to the sources). The selection is limited to Song authors; Liao, Xia and Jin authors are not included. The titles are arranged chronologically, with some modifications for editorial purposes. Each item is preceeded by a brief introductory essay including a biography of the author (if not included in The Song Dynastic History), an abstract of the text and a history of its editions. Corrections and annotations to the text are only summarily noted. Annotations are conveniently placed in the top margin.

Reconstructed Collections of Fragments

  Songdai yizhu ji kao
(Lost Titles from the Song Dynasty Recollected and Investigated)
Wang He 王河
Nanchang: Jiangxi renmin, 2004.

The compiler reconstructs 28 titles by collecting passages from extant titles. The focus of the collection is on works and authors related to the Jiangxi region. For each entry there is an introductory part with brief comments on author, title and editions, followed by a collection of fragments. Sources of the fragments are given.

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