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III.B.1.a. Literary Collections

A. Individual Collections

Ref (C) PL2503.H74 1990x Hsien-ts'un Sung-jen pieh-chi pan-pen mu-lu
(Catalogue of extant Sung literary collections of individual authors).
Shen Chih-hung 沈治宏 ed.
Ch'eng-tu: Pa-Shu shu-she 巴蜀書社 1990. 430p.

This covers the holdings of 250 PRC libraries, 32 Japanese libraries, the Library of Congress and 521 ts'ung-shu 叢書. It includes collections of 739 Sung authors (of which 107 are collections of tz'u lyrics). Arranged chronologically by author. There are four-corner indexes to the ts'ung-shu, libraries and their locations, and authors. (see also Xiancun Song ren zhushu zonglu discussed in the previous section III.A.)

For pre-modern editions of the collected works of 528 individuals in Japanese library holdings, see:

Ref (J) Z3108.L5 Y64 Nihon genson Sōjin bunshū mokuroku
(Catalogue of Sung-dynasty literary collections preserved in Japan).
Yoshida Tora 吉田寅 and Tanada Naohiko 棚田直彥 comp.
Vol. 8 of

Sōdai shakai keizaishi kenkyū hojo shiryō
Tokyo, 1959; revised 1972. 150 p.

Arranged by author, with author and title indexes according to Japanese pronunciation. Includes number of chüan, names of editors, date of the edition, and the library collections in which the work is held.

For pre-1868 editions of Song literary collections (including individual collections, anthologies, miscellanies, poetry collections and works of literary criticism), see

Ref (C) Z3102 .Y46 1996x Riben cang Song ren wenji shanben gouchen
(Digging up Rare Editions of Song Literary Collections Preserved in Japan)
Yan Shaodang 嚴紹璗, comp.
Hangzhou: Hangzhou daxue chubanshe, 1996. 3, 1, 375 p., [4] p. of plates.


Song literary collections in Taiwanese collections are listed in:

Ref (C) PL2264 .Z4825 1981x Zhongguo lidai shiwen bieji lianhe shumu
(Union Catalog of Collected Works of Poetry and Prose throughout Chinese History)
Wang Minxin 王民信, comp.
Taibei: Lianjing chuban shiye gongsi, 1981-3. Vol. 6-7.

Titles and editions are organized chronologically by author. Congshu editions are placed after individually circulating editions.
Includes references to author biographies after the list of editions of their work.
There is an author index. The index is in vol. 8 and is a combined index for Song and Yuan works. It is organized by stroke order.

For a meticulously annotated study of editions of extant Song literary collections, see

(C) Z1029 .Z48 1999x Song ren bieji xu lu
(Bibliographic Survey of Collected Works of Song Authors)
Zhu Shangshu 祝尚書
Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, 1999. 2 vols.
This bibliography covers 541 collected works of poetry and prose and individual collections of memorials out of an estimated 800 extant collections. The latter number includes collections of ci poems (ciji) and works collected in more general collections which are not discussed here. Ciji are not listed because they are covered in Rao Zongyi's 饒宗頤 Ciji kao: Tang, Wudai, Song, Jin, Yuan bian 詞集考 : 唐五代宋金元編 (Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, 1992). This work is intended to be a critical evaluation of the pros and cons of major editions. It therefore only includes original and major editions, not all. Editions published after the Qianlong reign, editions that have been demonstrated to be false attributions, and those reconstructed from very limited remnants are also excluded.
In the reference materials section of each entry, postfaces and prefaces as well as entries from catalogs are listed. The list in this edition is not comprehensive. The author aims to publish those bibliographical materials that were not included separately in a volume, titled, "Song ji xu ba huibian" (Song ren zongji xu lu (see below), preface, p. 5).
The main title entries are arranged chronologcially by the author's year of birth. Titles in the reference section are arranged chronologically by the year of publication.
There is a name and title index at the end of volume 2. The index is according to the four corners system, but there is a stroke order finding aid arranged by first character.


(C) PL2503 W364 2003x Song ren wenji bianke liuchuan congkao
(Investigations into the Compilation, Printing and Dissemination of the Literary Collections of Song Dynasty Authors)
Wang Lan 王岚
Nanjing: Jiangsu guji chubanshe, 2003.
This is study of Song editions and later reprints of the collected works of 32 Song men. The emphasis is on Northern Song literary figures. The Northern Song men included are: Xu Xuan 徐铉,Zhang Yong 张詠,Liu Kai 柳開, Wang Yucheng 王禹偁,Lin Bu 林逋,Fan Zhongyan 范仲淹, Mu Xiu 穆修,Yin Shu 尹洙,Mei Yaochen 梅堯臣, Shi Jie 石介, Ouyang Xiu 歐陽修,Su Qinshun 蘇舜欽,Li Gou 李覯,Su Xun 蘇洵,Wen Tong 文同,Sima Guang 司馬光,Wang Anshi 王安石, Shen Gou 沈遘,Shen Kua 沈括,Shen Liao 沈遼,Kong Wenzhong 孔文仲,Kong Wuzhong 孔武仲,Kong Pingzhong 孔平仲,Su Che 蘇轍,Huang Tingjian 黃庭堅,Qin Guan 秦觀,Chen Shidao 陳師道,Chao Buzhi 晁補之,Tang Geng 唐庚,Su Guo 蘇過. Zhou Zizhi 周紫芝 lived during the Northern-Song Southern-Song divide; Dai Fugu 戴復古 is the only Southern Song author included.
The introduction gives a brief overview of the different methods of compilation used in Song collected works. It also reviews the scanty scholarship on editions and re-editions of Song collected works.

For a listing of 350 Sung literary collections used in compiling the Sung-jen chuan-chi tzu-liao so-yin (Index to biographical materials on Sung figures) in roughly chronological order, see:

Ref (C)DS751.5.S784 1974
LoC: DS751.5 .S97 (Orien China)
Sung-jen chuan-chi tzu-liao so-yin
(Index to biographical materials on Sung figures).
Ch'ang Pi-te 昌彼得 et al.
Vol. 1.
Taipei: Ting-wen, 1974, pp. 1-15.

The following gives the titles, locations, and brief abstracts of documents pertaining to economic history found in 112 Sung wen-chi. There is a detailed analytic index.

(W)HC427.6.H37 G8 1964x
LoC: Z7165.C6 H3
A Guide to Sources of Chinese Economic History, A.D.618‑1368.
Robert Hartwell, ed.
Chicago: University of Chicago, 1964. 257 p.


B. Anthologies

Z3108.L5 Song ren zongji xu lu
(Bibliographical Survey of Anthologies of Song Authors)
Zhu Shangshu 祝尚書
Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, 2004. 4, 6, 4, 651, 31 p.

This meticulously annotated bibliography includes all extant zongji that include work by Song authors and were compiled by Song authors. This implies that compilations by Song authors not including Song works are not included. Later compilations of Song authors are also not included. Complete as well as partial copies are listed. Anthologies are defined as anthologies of poetry, prose and combined prose-poetry. Those of memorials and decrees are considered prose anthologies in accordance with Song practice. The author has counted over 300 titles mentioned in catalogs, but only 80 survive and are discussed in this bibliography. The entries are arranged chronologically.
The main differences between this volume and Zhu Shangshu's work on bieji discussed above are: a) This title includes references to all prefaces and postfaces for each title (those cited in the main text are not listed again at the end). b) It includes two appendices: a list of zongji no longer extant and a list of libraries holding the titles described. Appendix one only includes those works for which descriptions are extant. Those for which only the title is known are not listed. Appendix two lists locations in China and abroad. The author refers to Zhongguo congshu zonglu for references to most congshu.
The index in the back includes title names, the names of compilers and annotators mentioned in the main text and in appendix one; the titles in appendix two; the names of authors of prefaces and postfaces.

The following is a study of anthologies compiled in Sung known to be extant.

LoC: LH7 .T338a "Chin‑ts'un Sung‑tai tsung‑chi k'ao"
(Extant Sung-period anthologies).
Wang Jui‑sheng 王瑞生.
T'ai-nan shih‑chuan hsueh‑pao台南師專學報 9 (1976): 49‑88.

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