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III.B.1.c. Notes on Poetry

The following contains brief descriptions of 139 shih-hua 詩話 texts from the Sung period:
LoC: Z3108.L5 K86
Sung shih-hua k'ao
(Study of Sung notes on poetry).
Kuo Shao-yü 郭紹虞
Peking: Chung-hua shu-chü, 1979. 221 p.

Kuo has also compiled:
LoC: PL2277 .K86 China
Pei-Sung shih-hua k'ao, fu Ssu-k'u chu-lu Nan-sung shih-hua t'i-yao p'ing-shu.
(Study of Northern Sung notes on poetry with evaluation of the critical remarks on Southern Sung notes on poetry in the Ssu-k'u ch'üan-shu catalogue).
Kuo Shao-yü 郭紹虞
Hong Kong: Ch'ung-wen shu-tien, 1971. 78 p.

Kuo has also compiled fragments of lost Sung "notes on poetry":
5214.5/0222.1 (1-2)
LoC: PL2308 .S9 China
Sung shih-hua chi-i
(Collected fragments of Sung notes on poetry).
Kuo Shao-yü 郭紹虞
Yen-ching hsueh-pao 燕京學報, special issue #14 (1937).
Rpt. Peking: Chung-hua shu-chü, 1980. 623 p.

Finally, note the following study of 29 shih-hua texts:
LoC: DS701 .W382 China
"Sung shih-hua ts'ung-k'ao"
(Studies of Sung notes on poetry).
Li Yü-min 李裕民
Wen-shih 文史23 (1984): 193-205.

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