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III.B.1.b. Poetry

See the following three works for extensive bibliographies of literary collections, "notes on poetry," and other writings containing or about shih 詩 and tz'u 詞 poetry:
5214.5/7255 Sung shih chien-shang tz'u-tien
(Guide to Sung shih poetry).
Shanghai: Shang-hai tz'u-shu ch'u-pan-she, 1987, pp. 1533-1573.
5577/4809 Sung-tz'u chien-shang tz'u-tien
(Guide to Sung tz'u poetry).
Ho Hsin-hui 賀新輝 ed.
Peking: Pei-ching Yen-shan ch'u-pan-she, 1987, pp. 1256-1287.
  Sung-tz'u ta-tz'u-tien
(Great dictionary of Sung tz'u).
Chang Kao-k'uan 張高寬 et al.
N.p: Liao-ning jen-min ch'u-pan-she, 1990, ch. 2.


For an annotated bibliography of ci collections:

PL2548 .J33 1992x Ciji kao: Tang Wu dai Song Jin Yuan bian
詞集考 : 唐五代宋金元編
(A Study of Ci Collections: Tang, Five Dynasties, Song, Jin, and Yuan Periods)
Rao Zongyi 饒宗頤
Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, 1992.

This descriptive bibliography covers both individual collections and anthologies (bieji and zongji). It includes Tang, Wudai, Liao, Jin and Yuan collections, but the vast majority are Song (pp. 38-261). There is an author and title index in the back. The appendix further includes a bibliography of literary critical titles on ci (Song-Yuan) and composition aids such as melody and rhyme books (Tang-Song). Each entry includes a brief description of author(s), title and editions, and a short reference section.

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