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1) The most comprehensive extant bibliography compiled in Yuan, although based on Sung-period historiography, is the "Treatise on Bibliography" (I-wen chih) in the Sung shih/Sung History. This, later supplements, and other Sung bibliographies of government holdings have been issued in a single volume, with a single author/title index, arranged according to the four-corner system. Note that bibliographies compiled in Sung included pre-Sung works in government libraries.
Ref (C) Z3102.S8 1957x Sung shih i‑wen chih, pu, fu‑pien
(The Sung history Treatise on bibliography, amended and supplemented).
Shanghai: Shang-wu yin-shu-kuan, 1957. 560 and 159 p.

Reprinted as:
LoC: Z3102 .T6 (Orien China)
Sung shih i-wen chih kuang-pien.
Taipei: Shih-chieh shu-chü, 1963. 500 and 150 p.
McMullen #67.

These lists occasionally include some information on the author. The majority of works listed are lost.

  Song shi yiwenzhi kaozheng
(Verifying "The Bibliographical Survey" in The Song Dynastic History)
Chen Lesu 陈乐素
Guangdong: Guangdong renmin, 2002. 715 p.

This title was compiled over a fifty-year period. Chen Lesu started working on it in earnest in 1941. His son, Chen Zhichao, edited it into its final form. It consists of three parts. In Part One, the main part, all entries in "The Bibliographical Survey" are read against entries on the same titles in other Song materials. This part allows user to check the accuracy of any title listed in the survey. Part Two is a descriptive list of types of errors in the survey, each illustrated with examples. Part Three consists of miscellaneous research notes.

2) The following is the mid-eleventh-century bibliography of the imperial library collection.

LoC: Z3101 .C496 1900 (Orien China)
Ch'ung-wen tsung-mu.
(Bibliography of the Ch'ung-wen library).
Wang Yao-ch'en 王堯臣(1002-1058) et al. comp.
Kuo-hsueh chi-pen ts'ung-shu edition.
Shanghai: Shang-wu yin-shu kuan, 1939. 407 p.

Two Southern Sung annotated bibliographies of private holdings are extant. Both provide material on the author and, in many instances, the contents of the listed work. They are organized according to the four-division classification system.
B9625/1202 Chün‑chai tu‑shu chih.
(Record of Reading at the Prefectural Studio).
Ch'ao Kung‑wu 晁公武 (?-1171).
Ch'ang-sha: Wang Hsien-ch'ien 王先謙, 1884.

For a carefully collated edition, see

(C) 9625 1202.1 Junzhai dushuzhi jiaozheng
(Record of Reading at the Prefectural Studio Collated).
Chao Gongwu 晁公武
Shanghai: Shanghai guji chubanshe, 1990. 2, 17, 146, 1404, 129 p.

This edition also includes a four-corner index to titles and authors.
For a study of the contents of this work, the author's life, and a list of those texts no longer known to be extant, see

LoC: Z3102 .L58 (Orien China)
Ch'ao Kung-wu chi ch'i Chün-chai tu-shu chih
(Ch'ao Kung-wu and his Chün-chai tu-shu chih).
Liu Chao-yu 劉兆佑
Taipei: Wen-hua chi-chin hui, 1969. 190 p.

B9625/7951 Chih-chai shu-lu chieh-t'i
(Critical Remarks on the Catalogue of Straightforward Studio).
Ch'en Chen-sun 陳振孫(c.1190-1249+).
No place: Chiang-su shu-chü, 1883. 22 chüan
For a punctuated edition with author and title indexes, see
(C) 9625 7951c Zhizhai shulu jieti
(Critical Remarks on the Catalogue of Straightforward Studio).
Chen Zhensun 陳振孫 (c.1190-1249+).
Shanghai: Shanghai guji chubanshe, 1987. 4, 10, 713, 126 p.
There is a separate title index for Ch'en Chen-sun's work.
B9625/7951.1 "Chokusai shoroku kaidai shomei sakuin"
[Chih-chai shu-lu chieh-ti shu-ming so-yin]
(Index to titles in the Chih-chai shu-lu chieh-t'i)
Ishida Mikinosuke 石田軒之助
Tōyōshi kenkyū東洋史研究 Supplement to vol. 3.2 (1937). 51 p.
Chen Zhensun's work can also be accessed online at

In the thirteenth century, Ma Tuan-lin incorporated the entries in both these works, drew on other bibliographies, and supplemented them with citations from other scholars in a 75-chüan bibliography in:
R9290/43(11-12) Wen-hsien t'ung-k'ao
(Comprehensive study of the written record).
Ma Tuan-lin 馬端臨(c.1250-1325).
Shih-t'ung 十通 edition.
Shanghai: Commercial Press, 1935. Vol. 2, chüan 174-249.

The bibliographic section of the Wen-hsien t'ung-k'ao is available in the following annotated edition:
B9576/7207 Wen-hsien t'ung-k'ao ching-chi k'ao
(A study of the bibliography in the Wen-hsien t'ung-k'ao)
Ma Tuan-lin.
Shanghai: Hua-tung shih-fan ta-hsueh, 1985. 1828 p.

Note also the "Treatise on Bibliography" in
LoC: DS735 .S483 vol. 4 (Orien China)
T'ung chih
(Comprehensive record).
Cheng Ch'iao 鄭樵(1104-1162).
Shih-t'ung edition.
Shanghai: Commercial Press, 1935. Vol. 1, chüan 63-70.

There is also a one-volume index to the Shih-t'ung which includes the Wen-hsien t'ung-k'ao and the T'ung-chih. It includes a four-corner index as well as a category index (fen-lei so-yin).
R9290/43(21) Shih-t'ung so-yin.
(Index to Shih-t'ung).
Shanghai: Commercial Press, 1937. 325 and 168 p.
McMullen #108.

Note also Yü-hai, a Southern Sung encyclopedia including extensive information on Sung and pre-Sung works. Although it does not arrange information in the form of a bibliography, the section on writings mentions specific editions and provides useful information on authors and contents. The table of contents gives the categories.
LoC: AE2 .W3 1964 (Orien China)
(Sea of jade).
Chüan 35-63.
Wang Ying-lin 王應麟(1223-1296) comp.
Ssu-k'u ch'üan shu四庫全書, vol. 944.

For a detailed table of contents for the Yü hai,see:
  Gyokkai mokuroku
[Yü-hai mu-lu]
(Table of contents of the Yü-hai ).
Yoshida Tora 吉田寅 and Tanada Naohiko 棚田直彥 comp.
Tokyo: Kyōiku daigaku Ajiashi kenkyūkai, 1957. 104 p.
McMullen #171.

Other Southern Sung encylopedias that quote extensively from earlier texts are discussed in Teng and Biggerstaff, An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Chinese Reference Works, pp. 90-92.
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