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III.B.4. Buddhist Writings

For a bibliography of works by Song Dynasty monks, see:

C2665 6247 "Song seng zhushu kao"
(A Study of the Works of Song Dynasty Monks)
Li Guoling 李國玲
Songdai wenhua yanjiu 9 (2000):325-334; 10 (2001):311-27; 11 (2002):395-408; 12 (2003):318-342.


The following article contains biographical information on Tsan‑ning 贊寧(919‑1001), the most influential of Sung Buddhist historians; notes sectarian histories of the Ch'an sect and Buddhist chronicles; and gives various bibliographical information including a chronological table of Buddhist historical works written during the Sung period.

(W) PJ5.D4
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"Buddhist Historiography in Sung China."
Jan Yun-hua.
Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft114 (1964): 360-381.

The following older work lists translators (Northern Sung: Appendix II, cols. 449-457) and authors (Northern and Southern Sung: Appendix III, cols. 464-466) of writings from the Sung period in the Buddhist canon.
Ref (W) BQ1219.N36 1883
LoC: Z7059 .M18 China
A Catalogue of the Chinese Translation of the Buddhist Tripitika.
Bunyiu Nanjio [Nanjō Bun'yū] 南條文雄 (1849-1927)] comp.
Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1883. 240 p.
McMullen # 176.

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