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V. Biographical Dictionaries and Indexes to Biographical Information


Biographies of Sung figures will be found in historical encyclopedias listed in Section IV. There is one biographical dictionary for the Sung period:

Ref (W) DS751.5.S96
LoC: DS751.5 .S96

Sung Biographies.
Herbert Franke, ed.
Wiesbaden: Steiner, 1976.
4 volumes.

Vols. 1-3 contain 406 biographies, prepared by various scholars; Vol. 4 contains 35 biographies of painters. There is no index; there is a table of contents. Biographies are in alphabetical order.

For Song authors, see:

  Zhongguo wenxuejia da cidian: Songdai
中国文学家大辞典. 宋代
(Big Dictionary of Chinese Writers: The Song Dynasty)
Zeng Zaozhuang 曾枣庄, Li Wenze 李文泽, Wu Hongze 吴洪泽
Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, 2004.

For painters see, in addition to Volume 4 of Sung Biographies:

(C) ND1048.C4
LoC: ND1048 .C4 (Orien China)
T'ang Sung hua-chia jen-ming tz'u-tien
(Personal-name dictionary of T'ang and Sung painters).
Chu Chu-yü 朱鑄禹
Peking: Chung-kuo ku-tien i-shu ch'u-pan-she, 1958. 29 and 491p

as well as
LoC: ND1048 .S84 1984 China
Sung Liao Chin hua‑chia shih‑liao
(Historical materials on Sung, Liao, and Chin painters).
Ch'en Kao-hua 陳高華
Peking: Wen-wu ch'u-pan she, 1983. 13 and 853 p.

For painters note also:
Ref (W) ND1043.3.C3
LoC: ND1043.3 .C3
An Index of Early Chinese Painters and Paintings: T'ang, Sung, Yuan.
James Cahill, with Osvald Sirén and Ellen Johnston Laing.
Berkeley: University of California Press, 1980. 391 p.

Specifically for the Ch'an Buddhists, see
Ref (J) BQ9259.Z45
LoC: BQ9259 .Z45
Zengaku daijiten.
(Great dictionary of Ch'an Buddhism).
Komazawa daigaku nai Zengaku daijiten hensanjo
駒澤大學內禪學大辭典編纂所 comp.
Tokyo: Daishūkan shoten, 1978. 3 volumes.

New ed.: Shinpan Zengaku daijiten
Zengaku daijiten hensanjo 禪學大辭典編纂所
Tokyo: Daishūkan shoten, 1985.

Biographies will also be found in various historical encyclopedias, in particular the Sung shih volume of the Chung-kuo li-shih ta tz'u-tien, the Ajia rekishi daijiten, and in the work immediately below.
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