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All personal names appearing in the Sung History are indexed according to the four corner system in

Ref (C) DS751.Y86 1992x
LoC: DS751.5 .Y8 1992 China
Sung shih jen-ming so-yin
(Personal-name index to the Sung history).
Yü Ju-yun 俞如雲 ed.
Shanghai: Shang-hai ku-chi ch'u-pan-she, 1992. 4 vol. 2404 p.

It may still be useful to consult indexes devoted to particular sections of the Sung History. Consult the Saeki indexes noted in Section VI for the various treatises. For the "Basic Annals," see:

Ref (W) DS751.43Z6 1966x
LoC: DS748.5 .M4
Index des noms propres dans les annales principales de l'Histoire des Song.
Ching-ying Lee Mei comp.
Paris: Presses Univ. de France, 1966. 130 p.
McMullen #63.

Biographies in the important supplement to the Southern Sung portions of the Sung History, Lu Hsin-yuan's 陸心源 Sung shih i, are indexed by the Sung-jen chuan-chi tzu-liao so-yin. The following indexes personal names that appear in those biographies. Arranged according to the four-corner system; with a stroke-count index.

2665 7133b "Sung shih i jen-ming so-yin"
("Personal name index to the Supplement to the Sung history)
Tseng I-fen 曾貽芬 comp.
In Sung shih i 宋史翼
Peking: Chung-hua shu-chü, 1991, pp. 1-143.

The Sung hui-yao, an extensive collection of Sung memorials and edicts recovered from the Yung-le ta-tien 永樂大典, is arranged in chronological order within institutional categories. It includes documents from 960 to 1220. A detailed table of contents is available separately (see Section XII below). The following personal-name index, arranged by stroke count, is based on the Hsin-wen-feng reprint; for the Shih-chieh shu-chü reprint add 14 to the page number given in the index.

LoC: DS751.H732 W36
Sung hui‑yao chi‑kao jen‑ming so‑yin
(Index of personal names in the Sung hui-yao chi-kao).
Wang Te‑i 王德毅 comp.
Taipei: Hsin-wen-feng, 1978. 990 p.

There is also an index to the section on economic matters in the Sung hui-yao that includes personal names.

J4353/3810 Sō kaiyō shūkō shokka sakuin, jinmei shomei-hen
(Index to Sung hui‑yao chi‑kao shih‑huo: names of persons and books).
Sōshi teiyōhensan kyōryoku iinkai
宋史提要編纂協力委員會 cmp.
Tokyo: Tōyōbunko, 1982. 150 p.

An index to names appearing in the chronological listings of chief and assisting councillors, Hsu Tzu-ming's 徐自明 Sung tsai-fu pien-nien lu 宋宰輔編年錄 and Lü Pang-yao's 呂邦耀 Hsu Sung tsai-fu pien-nien lu 續宋宰輔編年錄, is appended to the punctuated, critical edition:

LoC: DS751.H743 W36 1986 China
"Sung tsai-fu pien-nien lu chiao-pu, jen-ming so-yin
宋宰輔編年錄 校補‧人名索引
(Personal-name index to Sung tsai-fu pien-nien lu chiao-pu).
Wang Jui-lai 王瑞來
In Sung tsai-fu pien-nien lu chiao-pu
宋宰輔編年錄 校補
Peking: Chung-hua shu-chü, 1986. Vol. 4, 28 p.

The chronological histories written in Sung cover the period 960-1163. For personal names in Li T'ao's 李燾(1115-1184) 520-chüan chronicle of Northern Sung (960-1126), the Long Draft of the Continuation of the Comprehensive Mirror for Aid in Government, see:

LoC: DS751.U43
Zoku Shiji tsugan chōhen jinmei sakuin
[hsu Tsu-chih t'ung-chien ch'ang-pien jen-ming so-yin]
(Personal-name index to the Hsu Tzu‑chih t'ung‑chien ch'ang‑pien
Umehara Kaoru 梅原郁 comp.
Kyoto: Dōhōsha, 1978. 697 p.

Hsu Meng-hsin's 徐夢莘(1124-1205) Collection of Treaties with the North during Three Reigns (San-ch'ao pei-meng hui-pien), in 250 chüan, covers the period 1117-1161 and focuses on the fall of Northern Sung and relations with the Chin dynasty. There is a name index in:

LoC: HB9 .H57
"Sanchō hokumei kaipen jinmei sakuin"
[San-ch'ao pei-meng hui-pien jen-ming so-yin]
(Personal-name index to the San-ch'ao pei-meng hui-pien).
Aso Mikio 安蘇幹夫 comp.
Hiroshima daigaku keizai ronsō 廣島大學經濟論叢
1.4 (1979): 55-83, for juan 1-40;
2.1-2-3 (1979): 55-88, for juan 41-100
4.2 (1981): 23-49, for juan 101-150
11.1 (1988): 147-168, for juan 151-200
11.4 (1989): 143-163, for juan 201-250 part 1
12.1 (1989): 129-148, for juan 201-250 part 2

For Li Hsin-ch'uan's 李心傳(1166-1243) Record of Important Events in Chronological Order since the Chien-yen Reign Period (Chien-yen i-lai hsi-nien yao-lu), in 200 chüan, covering the period 1126-1163, with attention to both foreign relations and domestic appointments and policy, see:

Ken'en irai kinen yōroku jinmei sakuin
[Chien-yen i-lai hsi-nien yao-lu jen-ming so-yin jen-ming so-yin]
(Personal-name index to the Chien-yen i-lai hsi-nien yao-lu
Umehara Kaoru 梅原郁 comp.
Kyoto: Dōhōsha, 1983. 663 p.

Another index to this text is included with the reproduction of the Ssu-k'u ch'üan-shu edition.
(C) DS751.L5 1992x
"Chien-yen i-lai hsi-nien yao-lu jen-ming so-yin"
(Personal-name index to the Chien-yen i-lai hsi-nien yao-lu
P'ei Ju-ch'eng 裴汝誠 ed.
In Chien-yen i-lai hsi-nien yao-lu.
Shanghai: Shang-hai ku-chi, 1992.
Vol. 4, pp. 17-508.

Recall the author indexes for various bibliographies of Sung texts cited in Section III above.

For authors' names in the Li-tai ming-ch'en tsou-i, not exclusive to Sung, see:
LoC: DS703 .L5 1964 (Orien China)
"Li-tai ming-ch'en tsou-i tso-che so-yin"
(Index to the authors in the Li-tai ming-ch'en tsou-i).
Chang Hsi-ch'ing 張希清 et al. comp.
In Li-tai ming-ch'en tsou-i
Shanghai: Shang-hai ku-chi ch'u-pan-she, 1989. Vol. 5. 174p.

Appended to the Li-tai ming-ch'en tsou-i. Arranged by the four-corner system.

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