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Two Northern Sung geographies have been indexed. For the earlier, the 200-chüan T'ai-p'ing huan-yü chi (980), see:
Ref (C) DS706.5.Y83 1963x Index
LoC: DS706.5.Y832 W36 China
T'ai‑p'ing huan‑yü chi so‑yin
(Index to the Comprehensive Geography of the T'ai‑p'ing [hsing-kuo] period).
Wang Hui 王恢 comp.
Taipei: Wen-hai ch'u-pan she, 1975. 1022 and 22 p.

A second geography, the 10-chüan Yuan-feng chiu-yü chih, was presented in 1080. The 1984 punctuated, critical edition includes an index.
LoC: DS706.5 .W33 1984 China
Yuan‑feng chiu‑yü chih
(Comprehensive geography of the Yuan-feng period).
Wang Ts'un 王存
Wang Wen-ch'u 王文楚 and Wei Sung-shan 魏嵩山 comp.
Peking: Chung-hua shu-chü, 1984. 2 volumes. Index: 281 p.

This edition supersedes the 1784 edition, reprinted in 1976, for which the following index should be consulted:
Genpō kyūikishi, fu sakuin
[Yuan-feng chiu-yü chih fu so-yin]
(Index to the Comprehensive geography of the Yuan-feng period).
Shimai Kazuyasu 居一康 comp.
Kyoto: Chūbun shuppansha, 1976. Index: 72 p.

The private cultural geography of Southern Sung China, the Yü-ti chi-sheng of ca. 1221, was based on earlier geographies, gazetteers, and personal experience. The reprinted edition includes indexes to place names, personal names, and stone inscriptions according to the four-corner system. There is a stroke-count index.
LoC: DS706.5 .W28 1991 China
Yü-ti chi-sheng
(Records of famous places).
Wang Hsiang-chih 王象之 comp.
Peking: Chung-hua shu-chü, 1992. 8 volumes.

There is also an index to a similar but shorter work by Chu Mu 祝穆

"Fang-yü sheng-lan ti-ming so-yin"
(Place-name index to the Fang-yü sheng-lan).
In Sung-pen 宋本 Fang-yü sheng-lan.
Shanghai: Shanghai ku-chi, 1991. Vol. 4, pp. 259-342.

For converting Sung-period place names into their modern approximations and equivalents, turn to the historical atlas Chung-kuo li-shih ti-t'u chi and standard geographical dictionaries.

Yudi guang ji
(Broad Description of the World)
Ouyang Min 歐陽忞; annotated by Li Yongxian 李勇先, and Wang Xiaohong 王小紅
Song Yuan dilizhi congkan 宋元地理志叢刊
Chengdu: Sichuan daxue chubanshe, 2003.

This edition includes place and personal name indexes. Also includes a map based on the geographical information contained in this twelfth-century work.

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