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To locate a place within the administrative hierarchy (e.g., the prefecture or chou 州 and route or lu 路 in which a particular subprefecture or hsien 縣 lies), consult:
(W) DS706.5.W7 1956
LoC: DS706.5 .W7
Geographical Names in Sung China: An Alphabetical List.
Hope Wright comp.
Paris: École Pratique des Haute Études, 1956. 192 and 9 p.
McMullen #64.

Alphabetical, by Wade-Giles romanization; includes a character index. Gives the coordinates of prefectural seats and the distance (in li 里) of subprefectural seats from the prefectural seat. This is based on "The Treatise on Geography" in the Sung History and the two Sung-period geographies noted below.

  Songdai xingzheng cengji jiansuo
(Song Administrative Units Search)
Academia Sinica 中央研究院, Yuanzhi Daxue 元智大學

This is a searchable index; links up to the digital maps in 宋人地理資訊系統 (see VII.A.1).

For a compilation of scholarly notes (culled from past and present research) on "The Treatise on Geography," including the present location of all places listed, see

  Song shi dili zhi huishi
(Collected Commentaries on "The Treatise on Geography" in The Song Dynastic History)
Guo, Li'an 郭黎安
Hefei: Anhui jiaoyu chubanshe, 2003. 289 p.

To locate administrative units, bodies of water, mountains, etc. on maps, see the index to:

LoC: G2306.S1 C55 1982
Chung‑kuo li‑shih ti‑t'u chi, Vol. 6, Sung Liao Chin shih-ch'I
(Historical atlas of China: the Sung, Liao, and Chin periods).
T'an Ch'i-hsiang 譚其驤, gen. ed.
Shanghai: Ti-t'u ch'u-pan, 1982. 115 p.

See also the online index at

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