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I.B.1. Scholarship in the People's Republic of China

For a masterful book-length analysis of the main debates and a survey of twentieth-century scholarship on the Song Dynasty:

  Song shi yanjiu
(Research on Song History)
Zhu Ruixi 朱瑞熙, Cheng Yu 程郁
Fuzhou: Fujian renmin 2006.

This study includes chapters on the founders of the field of Song research in republican China in the early twentieth century, on major debates (including debates on such topics as the Song emperors, Yue Fei, Wang Anshi, and Fan Zhongyan), and on political structure, economic history, social history, and cultural history (including arts, science and technology, language, material culture, religion, bibliography and historiography).

For a comparative assessment of three periods in the development of Chinese Sung historical studies between 1950 and 1990, see:

Loc: DS735 .H737 China
"Hai-hsia liang-an Sung-shih yen-chiu tung-hsiang"
Huang K'uan-ch'ung 黃寬重
Hsin shih-hsueh 新史學 3.1 (1992): 131-160.
"Trends in Historical Research in Taiwan and Mainland China."
Huang K'uan-ch'ung. Trans. David C. Wright.
Journal of Sung-Yuan Studies 25(1995): 266-302.

For a recent assessment of trends in Song historical research, see

2665/5635 "Jinnian lai Song shi yanjiu de xin jinzhan"
(New Developments in Recent Research on Song History)
Deng Xiaonan 邓小南
Song shi yanjiu tongxun 44 (2004.2): 16-24.

For a useful introduction to PRC historical scholarship in 1980-1990 by a leading Chinese social historian, see:

J2451/5657 "Chung-kuo ta-lu chin-shih-nien lai te Sung-shih yen-chiu"
(Sung historical studies in the mainland during the past decade).
Chang Pang-wei 張邦煒
Chūgoku shigaku 中國史學 /Studies in Chinese History 1 (1991): 103-124.

and, for approximately the same period,

(W) DS751.S83
LoC: DS751 .S83
"A Brief Survey of Song Studies in Chinese over the Past 10 Years."
Yang Weisheng. Trans. Lee-fang Ch'ien.
Bulletin of Sung-Yuan Studies 20 (1988): 1-17.

For a more general review of PRC scholarship in Song history, see

2665/5635 "Song shi yanjiu de huigu yu zhanwang"
(Reflections on and Prospects in Song Historical Research).
Wang Zengyu 王曾瑜
Song shi yanjiu tongxun 30 (1997.2): 1-14.


Regular updates on scholarship on Song cultural history in the PRC and elsewhere have appeared in the annual periodical:

C2665 6247 Songdai wenhua yanjiu
(Research on Song Culture).
Sichuan daxue Songdai wenhua yanjiu ziliao zhongxin 四川大学宋代文化硏究 資料中心, ed.
Chengdu: Sichuan da xue chu ban she, 1990-

7:263-271 (1998) Guo Qi 郭齊
6:306-314 (1996) Guo Qi 郭齊

For the annual bibliographies published in the same journal, see II.B.

There are annual reviews of the scholarship published in the following disciplines:

Ref (C) B31 .C4 Latest
LoC: B31 .C4 China
Chung-kuo che-hsueh nien-chien
(Annual review of Chinese philosophy).
Shanghai: Chung-kuo ta pai-k'o ch'üan-shu ch'u-pan she.
LoC: DS701 .S44
Chung-kuo li-shih-hsueh nien-chien
(Annual review of the study of Chinese history).
Peking: Jen-min ch'u-pan she.
  Zhongguo wenxue nianjian
(Annual Review of Chinese Literature)
Zhongguo shehui kexueyuan wenxue yanjiusuo Zhongguo wenxue yanjiu nianjian bianweihui 中国社会科学院文学研究所《中国文学研究年鉴》编委会, 1981-

Since 1986 an annual review of historical studies has appeared. The sections on Sung history and their authors are noted here.

(C) DS734.7.C63
LoC: DS734.7 .C63 China
Chung-kuo-shih yen-chiu tung-t'ai
(Trends in Chinese historical studies).
2005.12: 2-10 Qu Mingli 曲鸣丽
2004.6: 2-10 Li Li 李立
2003.12: 2-11 Qu Mingli 曲鸣丽
2002.11: 2-12 Qu Mingli 曲鸣丽, Shen Dongmei 沈冬梅
2001.9: 2-11 Qu Mingli 曲鸣丽
2000.12: 11-19 Qu Mingli 曲鸣丽
1999.12: 2-8 Zhang Tong 张彤
1998.12: 5-12 Zhang Tong 张彤
1997.12: 10-17 Zhang Tong 张彤
1996.12: 18-26 Zhang Tong 张彤
1995.12: 7-14 Zhang Tong 张彤
1995.1: 11-17 Zhang Tong 张彤
1993.7: 6-12 Hsing T'ieh 邢鐵
1992.12: 1-7 Chang T'ung 張彤
1991.8: 1-7 Chang T'ung 張彤
1990.5: 1-7 Wang Sheng-to 王聖鐸
1989.5: 1-6 Wang Sheng-to 王聖鐸
1988.10: 1-6 Chang Hsiu-p'ing 張秀平
1987.7: 1-8 Chang Hsiu-p'ing 張秀平
1986.10: 12-18 Chang Hsiu-p'ing 張秀平
For recent issues, see

In addition to its annual bibliography (II.B), the newsletter of The Chinese Society of Song History also occasionally publishes a review of the scholarship of the past year:

2665/5635 "2001 nian Dalu Song shi yanjiu gaikuang"
(A General Overview of Research on Song History in Mainland China in 2001)
Jin Qiang 金强, Wei Zusong 韦祖松
Song shi yanjiu tongxun 39 (2002.1): 9-23.

Since 1982 the national meeting of the Sung Studies Association in the PRC has published a conference volume with the title:

LoC: DS751 .S82 China

Song shi yanjiu lunwen ji
(Collected research articles on Song history)
Volume 1 (1980 meeting) Shanghai: Shanghai gujii, 1982.
Volume 2 (1982 meeting) Zhengzhou: Henan renmin chubanshe, 1984.
Volume 3 (1984 meeting) Hangzhou: Zhejiang renmin chubanshe.
Volume 4 (1987 meeting) Shijiazhuang: Hebei jiaoyu chubanshe, 1989.
Volume 5 (1992 meeting) Kaifeng: Henan daxue chubanshe, 1993.
Volume 6 (1994 meeting) Baoding: Hebei daxue chubanshe, 1996.
Volume 7 (1996 meeting) Beijing: Yunnan minzu chubanshe, 1997.
Volume 8 (1998 meeting) Yinchuan: Ningxia renmin chubanshe, 1999.
Volume 9 (2000 meeting) Baoding: Hebei daxue chubanshe, 2002.
Volume 10 (2002 meeting) Lanzhou: Lanzhou daxue chubanshe, 2004.
Volume 11 (2004 meeting) Chengdu: Ba Shu shushe, 2006.

See also the conference volumes listed under I.A

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