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III.B.3. Taoist Writings

(W) BL1920.B64 1987
LoC: Z7835.T2 B64 1987
A Survey of Taoist Literature: 10th-17th Centuries.
Judith M. Boltz.
China Research Monographs #32.
Berkeley: Institute of East Asian Studies and the Center for Chinese Studies, University of California, 1987. 417 p.

This discusses traditions of Taoist writing under the categories: 1) Revelation and Ritual, 2) Hagiography, 3) Topographic, Epigraphic, and Historiographic Treatises, 4) Literary Anthologies and Dialogic Treatises, and 5) Exegeses and Encyclopedic Compilations. There are indexes to names and titles.
(W) BL1920.V36 1984
LoC: BL1920 .V36 1984
Taoist Books in the Libraries of the Sung Period.
Piet van der Loon.
London: Ithaca Press, 1984. 189 p.

This is a critical study and index, in Chinese and English. An introduction discusses the catalogues of the Imperial Library, private collections, and the Taoist canon. Includes bibliographical references, a stroke-number index to texts in the Imperial Library and personal collections, and a personal-name index.
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