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For a bibliography and chronology of Song Dynasty gazetteers and geographical works, see III.A.

VII.A.1. Historical Atlases and GIS Tools

The most authoritative maps of Sung China are in:
Ref (C) G2306.S1 C55 1982
LoC: G2306.S1 C55 1982
Chung-kuo li-shih ti-t'u chi, vol. 6: Sung Liao Chin shih-ch'i
(Historical atlas of China: Sung, Liao, and Chin periods).
T'an Ch'i-hsiang 譚其驤, general editor.
Shanghai: Ti-t'u ch'u-pan, 1982. 115 p.

This work includes 44 maps for Sung, Liao, and Chin at different periods. The introduction explains the choices made. Maps contain both present-day and Sung-period locations for urban centers, administrative boundaries, and geographical features. There is a place-name index. Tan's historical maps are accessible online. The following GIS system is based on his historical maps:
Chinese Civilization in Time and Space
/Zhonghua wenming zhi shikong jichu jiagou 中華文明之時空基礎架構
Academia Sinica/Zhongyang yanjiuyuan 中央研究院

In accuracy, if not in scale, this work supersedes:
LoC: G2306.S1 Y3 1906 (Map) Cage
Li‑tai yü‑ti yen-ko‑t'u, ts'e 30, Sung ti-li chih t'u
(Maps of changes in historical geography: Maps of the Sung Treatise on geography).
Yang Shou-ching 楊守敬 comp.
N.p.: 1906; rpt. Taipei: Lien-ching, 1975, 1986.

which is based on the "Treatise on Administrative Geography" in the Sung History. This work is indexed by:
LoC: G2306.S1 Y3 1906 (Map) Cage
Li-tai yü-ti yen-ko-t'u so-yin
(Index to the Li-tai yü-ti yen-ko-t'u)
Ch'iao Yen-kuan 喬衍琯 comp.
Taipei: Lien-ching ch'u-pan she, 1981. 1300 p.

Historical GIS datasets, originally developed by Robert Hartwell and edited by Lex Burman of the CHGIS project, are available at
This page provides a link to "Intro to the Hartwell GIS," an article by Peter K. Bol explaining the limitations and the uses of the Hartwell datasets. From this site users can also search a place-name index and an index to Tan Qixiang’s historical atlas.

  Shikong zhi lü : Su Shi// Song ren dili zixun xitong
(Travel in Time and Space: Su Shi// Song People GIS)
Academia Sinica 中央研究院, Yuanzhi daxue 元智大學

This is part of Luo Fengzhu’s digital archive, titled 網路展書讀. This system provides a geographical searching tool for Su Shi’s travels and poetic work.

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