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VII.A.2. Various Maps

A reliable 32x26" map of Northern Sung, especially good for North China border regions, is included with the index to Hu San-hsing's commentary to the Tzu-chih t'ung-chien:
Shiji tsugan Kochū chimei sakuin
(Place-name index to Hu [San‑hsing]'s commentary on the Tzu‑chih t'ung‑chien).
Araki Toshikazu 荒木敏一 and Yoneda Kenjirō 米田賢次郎 comp.
Kyoto: Kyōto daigaku Jinbun kagaku kenkyūjo, 1967. 351 p.
McMullen #93.

The Sung Project issued a one-page enlargement of the map of Northern Sung circuits and prefectures, c. 1120, found in
Tōyō rekishi daijiten
(Encyclopedia of East Asian history).
Tokyo: Heibonsha, 1947, vol. 5, p. 290

For a map of commercial centers in the eleventh century, see:
(Wid) EconP 50.5.7
LoC: AP20 .A58
"Une carte des centres commerciaux de la Chine à la fin du XIe siècle."
Etienne Balazs.
Annales- Économies, Sociétés, Civilisations 12 (1957): 587-593.

For maps of transportation routes, see:
Sō jidai no kōtsū to chishi chizu no kenkyū
(Studies of T'ang and Sung transportation routes and maps).
Aoyama Sadao 青山定雄
Tokyo: Yoshikawa kōbunkan, 1963.

There is a map of main Northern Sung roads after page 50; of the Pien waterway after page 256; and of the grain transport system after page 444. The volume includes a looseleaf reproduction of a rubbing of a map giving prefectural examination quotas in the mid-thirteenth century.
Note also various maps pertaining to the regional distribution of chin-shih 進士 degree holders in:
(W) JQ1512.Z13 E8719 1985
LoC: JQ1512.Z13 E8719 1985
The Thorny Gates of Learning in Sung China: A Social History of the Examinations
John W. Chaffee
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1985.

For a set of modern and ancient maps of Southern Sung Hang-chou, locating wards, government offices, commercial sites, and so on, see:
LoC: DS750.72 .C48 1984 Japan
Chūgoku kinsei no toshi to bunka
中國近世の 都市と文化
(Cities and culture in early modern China).
Umehara Kaoru 梅原郁 ed.
Kyoto: Kyōto daigaku Jinbun kagaku kenkyūjo, 1984.

A number of Sung-period maps exist as engravings and in local gazetteers. Many of these are reproduced, together with scholarly studies, in:
(Map Collection)MAP-LC G2305.c93 1990f,
(C) G2305.C93 1990
LoC: G2305 .C93 1990
Chung-kuo ku-tai ti-t'u chi
(Collection of Chinese historical maps)
Ts'ao Wan-ju 曹婉如 et al. comp.
Peking: Wen-wu, 1990.
  Song ben lidai dili zhizhang tu
(A Song Edition of "Geographical Maps of Dynasties Past and Present)
Shanghai: Shanghai guji chubanshe, 1989.

This is an early edition of a twelfth-century historical atlas.

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