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I.B.5.d. Political History and International Relations

Political History

Song Political Institutions and the Central Government

(C) JQ1510 .S664 2004x Songdai zhidu shi yanjiu bainian, 1900-2000
宋代制度史研究百年, 1900-2000
(One Hundred Years of Research on Song Dynasty Institutional History, 1900-2000)
Bao Weimin 包伟民, ed.
Beijing: Shangwu yinshuguan, 2004. 462 p.

This edited volume consists of essays reviewing international scholarship on Song institutional history during the last century. It includes essays reviewing scholarship on political history, legal, and military institutions, central and local government, clerks, official historiography, fiscal policy and population statistics, land tenure, the postal system.

For a review of Chinese scholarship on political history in general, see

J2451/5657 "1980 yilai Songdai zhengzhi shi Zhongwen lunzhu huigu"
(A Review of Chinese Scholarship on Song Political History since 1980).
Fang Zhenhua 方 震華
Chūgoku shigaku 9 (1999):17-39.

For a review of American scholarship on political history between 1990 and 2006, see:

  Recent Trends in American Research in Song Dynasty History: Local Religion and Political Culture
Hilde De Weerdt
Ōsaka shiritsu daigaku tōyōshi ronsō 大阪市立大学東洋史論叢, forthcoming, 2006.


For a discussion of policies in the early Sung period, see:

LoC: DS734.7 .C63 China
"Chin-nien lai Sung-tai li-shih ti-wei ho Sung-ch'u cheng-ts'e yen-chiu shu-p'ing"
(Review of recent scholarship on the historical importance of the Sung and on early Sung policies).
Sung Ch'iang-kang 宋強剛
Chung-kuo-shih yen-chiu tung-t'ai 中國史研究動態 1990.3: 148-22.

On central government institutions and politics, see:

LoC: DS734.7 .C63 China
"Songdai zhongshu quanli yanjiu shuping"

(A General Review of Research on Song Dynasty Central Political Power).
Yang Shili 杨世利 and Shang Ping 尚平
Zhongguo shi yanjiu dongtai 1998.1:8-12.

This article reviews research on imperial power, ministerial power, power over the military administration, power over financial administration, power to issue decrees and impeach.The reviewers divide PRC historiography on these topics up into three periods: 1942-85, 1985-90, and the 1990s.

LoC: DS734.7 .C63 China
"Jin bainian lai Songdai zhongshu mishu zhidu yanjiu de huigu yu fansi"

(A Review of and Reflections on Scholarship on Central Government Secretaries during the Song Dynasty in the Last One Hundred Years).
Chen Guang'en 陈广恩
Zhongguo shi yanjiu dongtai 2003.9:10-15.


For Japanese scholarship on Song fiscal policy, see:

J2401/0247 "Sōdai zaiseishi kenkyū no dōkō"
(Trends in studies of Sung financial history).
Oka Motoshi 岡元司
Hiroshima daigaku Tōshi kenkyūshitsu hokuhō 廣島大學東洋史研究室報告 10 (1988): 33-42

This article treats the fiscal situation of the whole empire and the fiscal institutions of the central government, river transportation and military provisioning, local finance, and the increasing integration of fiscal policy.

  Ershi shiji Songdai falü zhidu shi yanjiu de huigu yu fansi

(A Review of and Reflections on Scholarship on Legal Institutions during the Song Dynasty in the Twentieth Century).
Dai Jianguo 戴建國
Shixue yuekan 史學月刊 2002.8: 13-22.

This article broadly reviews scholarship on Song legal history. It is identical to the author’s chapter on legal history in Songdai zhidu shi yanjiu bainian, 1900-2000 mentioned above.

Political Figures

On Wang Anshi, see:

C2665 6247 "Jinnian lai Wang Anshi yanjiu shuping"

(A Critical Review of Recent Scholarship on Wang Anshi).
Zhang Hequn 张荷群
Songdai wenhua yanjiu 12 (2003):386-397.

For Wang Anshi's reforms, see:

  Wang Anshi bianfa yanjiu shi

(A History of Scholarship on Wang Anshi's Reforms).
Li Huarui 李华瑞
Beijing: Renmin, 2004. 603 p.

This is a very comprehensive study of Chinese reactions to the reforms, covering interpretations from the Southern Song period up to the late twentieth century. For the latter period, the author focuses on research trends in the People's Republic of China and Taiwan, but he includes a bibliography of publications through 2000 in Chinese, Japanese, and European languages. The coverage of the latter is incomplete.

For earlier Chinese scholarship on Wang Anshi's reform, see:

LoC: DS734.7 .C63 China
"Jin ershi nian lai Wang Anshi bianfa yanjiu shuping"

(A Critical Review of Research on Wang Anshi's Reforms in the Last Twenty Years).
Ge Jinfang 葛金芳 and Jin Qiang 金强
Zhongguo shi yanjiu dongtai 2000.10:11-20.

This article is divided up into sections on overall appraisals of the reforms, economic and financial reforms, military reforms, educational and examination reforms, and contemporaries' views of the reforms.

LoC: DS734.7 .C63 China
"Chin-nien lai Wang An-shih pien-fa wen-t'i t'ao-lun shu-p'ing"
(Critical introduction to recent scholarship on Wang An-shih's New Policies)
Huo Ch'un-ying 霍舂英
Chung-kuo-shih yen-chiu tung-t'ai 中國史研究動態 1989.6:12-15.


J2451/5657 "Ershi shiji Wang Anshi bianfa yanjiu de huigu yu fansi"
(A Review of and Reflections on Twentieth-Century Research on Wang Anshi's Reforms (1901-1949)).
Li Huarui 李華瑞
Chūgoku shigaku 12 (2002):17-34.

For an interpretation of the role of scholarship on Wang Anshi in modern Chinese historiography, see:

  Chūgoku kin- gendai shi to Chūgoku Sō shi kenkyū no shuchō--Tō Kōmei kyōju no Ō Anseki kenkyū o chūshin ni
(Chinese Modern and Contemporary History and the Mainstream of Chinese Research on the Song Dynasty--The Case of Professor Deng Guangming's Research on Wang Anshi).
Kida Tomoo 木田知生
Ryūkoku shi tan 龍谷史壇 119-120 (2003): 1-24.

See also I.B.5.a.

For studies on Yue Fei, see:

LoC: DS734.7 .C63 China
"Chien-kuo i-lai Yueh Fei yen-chiu tsung-shu"
(General introduction to studies on Yueh Fei since 1949).
Jen Ch'ung-yueh 任崇岳
Chung-kuo-shih yen-chiu tung-t'ai 中國史研究動態 1990.10:18-22.

For Wang Anshi, Yue Fei, and Fan Zhongyan, see also Zhu Ruixi's Song shi yanjiu (I.b.1).

International Relations

On Sino-Japanese relations:

(W) DS751.S83 (Latest)
LoC: DS751 .S83
"Updates on Song History Studies in Japan: The History of Japan-Song Relations"
Enomoto Wataru
JSYS 33 (2003): 225-234.

On Sino-Korean relations:

(C) DS751 .H8548 2003x "Haixia liang'an Zhong-Han guanxi shi yanjiu de huigu yu zhanwang"
(A Review of the Past and Prospects for the Future of Research on Sino-Korean Relations in China and Taiwan)
Huang Kuanchong 黃寬重
Shishi, wenxian yu renwu--Song shi yanjiu lunwen ji (Taibei: Dongda tushu gongsi, 2003). pp. 249-275.

For research on Pu Shougeng, Supervisor of Maritime Trade in Quanzhou during the late Southern Song period, see

LoC: DS734.7 .C63 China
"Ershi shiji Pu Shougeng yanjiu shuping"

(A Critical Review of Twentieth-Century Research on Pu Shougeng).
Li Yukun 李玉昆
Zhongguo shi yanjiu dongtai 2001.8:16-23.


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