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    Yale University will be hosting the international conference entitled “Stuck in the Middle? The Third Middle Period China Humanities Conference (220-1600).” Dates pending. For more information please visit: https://ceas.yale.edu/3rd-Middle-Period-China-Humanities-Conference

    If you have any questions about this conference, please write to eastasian.studies@yale.edu.


    Peter J. Golas (1937-2019), by Hans Ulrich Vogel

    Conrad Schirokauer (1929-2018), by David and Oliver Schirokauer

    Wm. Theodore de Bary (1919-2017), by Peter Bol

    Yanagida Setsuko 柳田節子 (1921-2006), by Joseph McDermott

    Archived News and Events

    2020: SSYCDS Response to COVID-19

    2019: SSYCDS-Sponsored Panels at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Asian Studies (Denver, CO)

    2018: Announcement of SSYCDS New Website

    2018: SSYCDS-Sponsored Panels at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Asian Studies (Washington, DC)

    2018: Tang Prize in Sinology: Shiba Yoshinobu 斯波義信 and Stephen Owen

    2017: The Second Conference on Middle Period Chinese Humanities, Leiden University (Conference Program)

    2014: International Interdisciplinary Conference on Middle Period China, 800-1400, Harvard University

    2012: Modern Chinese Religion: Value Systems in Transformation, Part 1. Song, Liao, Jin, Yuan

    2011: “When shall West Lake be without song or dance?” A Conference about Southern Song Culture

    2010: SSYCDS Acknowledgments to Haverford College and the Chen Family Funds for East Asian Studies

    2010: A Newly Discovered Inscription by Qin Gui

    2010: 「文藝紹興 -南宋藝術與文化」學術研討會議程 Dynastic Renaissance: Art and Culture of the Southern Song

    2009: Ideas, Networks, Places: Rethinking Chinese History of the Middle Period

    2007: Prosopography of Middle Period China: Using the Database

    Please send news and announcements regarding Song, Yuan, and Conquest Dynasties Studies to Ya Zuo (leahyzuo@gmail.com).